Overnight Rooming Update:Good news! PACMUN is reopening registration for overnight delegates once again! However, please note that we have an extremely limited number of remaining rooms, so we will be taking overnight registrations on a first come, first serve basis starting Tuesday, October 26th.If you are a day or virtual delegate who has already registered who would like to attend overnight, please email our Secretary-General, Natalie Sarabosing, at sg@pacificmun.com and we will transition your registration to overnight (on a space available basis). Once we are able to confirm your overnight rooming, our USG of Finance, Henry Rodgers, will invoice you the rest of the overnight fee. If you would require additional financial aid due to this change, please email finance@pacificmun.com.If are a delegation would like to attend overnight that has NOT contacted us yet, please email delegateaffairs@pacificmun.com with your estimated number of delegates, and (space available) we will hold that amount of overnight positions for you. We will do our best to accommodate your delegation, but now can no longer guarantee that we will be able to hold enough spots for you.We thank you for your continued patience as our rooming situation updates. If you have any further questions regarding registration, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at PACMUN!

Please refer to our Registration Guidelines for our registration policies, and contact delegateaffairs@pacificmun.com with any questions you may have!
If you are a chaperone, please register here.


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Delegates can choose to attend PACMUN as an overnight, day, or virtual delegate. No matter a delegate's attendance format, they will still be able to have a classic, vibrant, PACMUN experience, complete with a Crisis.
Delegates can register as part of a delegation or as independents. Delegates wishing to attend with a delegation should wait to register until their advisor completes the Delegation Registration Form. All delegates will register individually with the Delegate Registration Form. For more information regarding registration tiers, pricing, and independent delegates, please refer to the Registration Guidelines.
After completing the registration form, delegates should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, and a position assignment email within 72 hours. In the case that a delegate would like to switch their position and/or committee, they must email our Delegate Affairs team at delegateaffairs@pacificmun.com with their request, which may or may not be granted.
PACMUN is pleased to welcome delegates in 8th grade, provided they have attended EDUMUN 2021. All middle school delegates will be assigned to Introductory-level committees, and may attend either as independent delegates or as part of a delegation. For any further inquiries, please reach out to delegateaffairs@pacificmun.com.


In order to attend as a delegation, the advisor or the head delegate must complete the Delegation Registration Form. On this form, advisors must select whether their delegates will pay individually, or as a group. All delegations selecting Group Payment will be charged one price corresponding to the registration period during which they last register - please refer to the Registration Guidelines for more information.If your delegation has overnight delegates, our Delegate Affairs team will email you following your registration with a rooming spreadsheet. Once received, please record your overnight delegates from the portal into this spreadsheet, and sort them into quad-occupancy, single-gender rooms at your discretion. Any questions or requests about overnight rooming can be directed to sg@pacificmun.com.If chaperones are attending PACMUN with your delegation, please register them here.

Financial Aid

Finances should not be a barrier to attending PACMUN. We are dedicated to providing both partial and full financial aid to delegates who demonstrate need. If you would like to request financial aid, please complete the Financial Aid Form before registering with the Delegate Registration Form.