Dear Delegates, Parents, Advisors, and Chaperones,

Since we started planning for PACMUN 2020 in January, our nation and world have faced unfathomable challenges. In this time of uncertainty, I would like to commend students and community members who have taken this opportunity to stand up for what they believe in, educate themselves and their peers, and further their education, despite the considerable obstacles they have faced.

Recognizing the public health risk an in-person conference would pose, the Secretariat of PACMUN 2020 has determined that PACMUN will be hosted in a virtual format for the first time ever. While I recognize that no virtual conference could come close to replacing the experience of an in-person event, I am incredibly thankful for the hard work put in by our Staff and Secretariat to make PACMUN 2020 possible, and even more appreciative of the delegations, advisors, and delegates who stand by us in this unprecedented time. This year, we hope to bring you a conference filled with innovation and exploration. From our committee offerings to our very platform of debate, we are breaking new ground, and we hope you will come make history with us.

Our generation’s coming-of-age will be marked with hardship and adversity, yet it seems nothing has dampened our enthusiasm to enact change and do good for the people and places that matter to us. This is our chance to come together, to form connections across cities and states, to start the weekend as individuals and leave as a community. To this end, I urge you to have courage and faith in yourself; send a note, propose a novel solution, speak up in committee. You have the chance to cultivate skills that will take you far and shape an experience you are proud of. More so than ever, this PACMUN will be what you make of it.

The seventh year of PACMUN will be an event no one could have predicted, yet I think we can make it one of the most memorable. By seeking out this opportunity for growth; you have proven your dedication to bettering yourself and the world around you. I am honored to stand alongside you as you create a brighter future.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to meeting you at PACMUN 2020, even if it is behind a screen!

All the best,


Spring Chenjp