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Position Papers

Due on November 7


United Nations Children’s Fund

Established in 1946, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) focuses on “saving children’s lives, defending their rights, and helping them fulfill their potential.” UNICEF has a presence in 192 countries and is governed by a 36-member executive board elected by the Economic and Social Council It works on the health and well-being of children around the globe, focusing on child protection, social inclusion, youth survival, education, and gender equality. This committee is perfect for delegates with previous MUN experience where they can come up with unique solutions and participate in nuanced debate. Join us for two exciting days of stimulating debate in UNICEF!

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email: unicef@pacificmun.com.

Topic A

Improving Access to Mental Health Resources for Adolescents

Topic B

Ending Child Marriage

Dais Members

Maya Dallman

A junior at Juanita High School, Maya is delighted to serve as your director of UNICEF for PACMUN 2020. Maya was first introduced to the exciting MUN (or, as Maya’s sister so lovingly calls it, political cosplay) spirit in the chaotic General Assembly of REDMUN 2018. Since then, Maya has been engulfed into the world of MUN, whether that be as a delegate, staff member, or part of the Secretariat, and it has become a lifestyle, as well as one of a few things that Maya talks about. However, when MUN work runs dry, which is rather uncommon, Maya fosters a healthy love/hate relationship with multiple competitive swim teams, takes photos, tries to play guitar, stresses about school, and complains about being tired but claims naps are for the weak. Maya loves the amazing spirit and welcoming environment that MUN brings, and wishes the best of luck to all delegates. Maya hopes to see you in UNICEF!

Harshitha Rebala

Harshitha Rebala is a sleep-deprived junior in her second year of IB at Interlake High School. She was aggressively motivated by her friends to join MUN her freshman year and soon fell in love with the impromptu speeches and passionate debates. When Harshitha isn’t obsessing over her numerous MUN excel spreadsheets, she stresses over school, takes part in Interlake’s Robotics team, participates in Bellevue Youth Council, and sings Indian classical music. In the little free time she has, you can find her taking long hikes, catching up on Netflix, and sleeping. Harshitha is excited to serve as your Chair in UNICEF for PACMUN 2020 and cannot wait to meet all of you!

Esha Bangur

Serving as your assistant director of UNICEF, Esha Bangur is currently a junior at Tesla STEM High School who has no idea how she manages to keep up with her extracurriculars and still have time to engulf herself in her favorite club, MUN. She was introduced to MUN in 6th grade and signed up for the club in her freshman year as soon as she got the opportunity. Since then it’s been a priority that she and her favorite MUN buddy sign up for each conference they set their eyes on. When Esha isn't rushing to finish her position papers the night before they’re due, she’s probably screaming her lungs out at a swim meet, helping her community in YMCA’s Teen Leadership Board, or trying her best to not overdose on caffeine as she studies for her APES tests. Esha cannot wait to meet all the passionate delegates at PACMUN 2020 and she hopes to see you in UNICEF!