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League of Arab States

The League of Arab States (LAS), assembled in 1945, is a coalition of Arabic-speaking countries including Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and more. Formed to spur economic prosperity, resolve disputes between its members, and coordinate political goals, the LAS is a significant and powerful alliance of 22 Middle Eastern nations. In partnership with the United Nations, the League of Arab States has worked to achieve crucial solutions for global issues. LAS has also achieved much as an independent entity. With compelling and gripping issues that require creative and unique solutions, PACMUN 2020’s League of Arab States is bound to be an incredible experience! Register for the League of Arab States now for an unforgettable PACMUN 2020!

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email:

Topic A

Universal and Coalition-Based Healthcare Standards and Distribution

Topic B

Managing Military and Nuclear Proliferation

Dais Members

Fiona Wang

Fiona Wang is a senior at the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School, and is thrilled to embark on her fourth staffing experience. Since her first conference, PACMUN 2017, she has fallen in love with the excitement of MUN debate. When not at a MUN conference, you can find Fiona curled up with a good book, watching anime, practicing violin, competing in swim meets, or cramming in last-minute studying for school or HOSA with some classical music and milk tea. She can’t wait to meet all the delegates at PACMUN 2020!

Mahima Uliyar

Mahima Uliyar is a junior at Inglemoor High School, and is so excited about being a staffer for the first time at PACMUN 2020! She began MUN sophomore year, and since her first conference she has gained a large passion for all things MUN. Along with MUN, she is a dedicated member of DECA, and you can always find her encouraging people to join both clubs. Some other things that she loves are playing soccer, finishing books, and drinking Razzleberry Peace Tea. She is so eager to see you all at PACMUN 2020!

Hari Ganesh

Hari Ganesh is a sophomore at Interlake High School, and is extremely excited for his first staffing experience at PACMUN 2020! He started MUN in 8th grade and gained an interest in its diplomatic nature, and ever since he has become a committed Model UN member. As well as MUN, Hari is a dedicated member of Debate and JSA, and finds fun in badminton, poker, and watching kids’ shows for nostalgia. He can hardly wait to meet all the wonderful delegates at PACMUN 2020!