Historical Joint Crisis Committee

The Historical Joint Crisis Committee is a specialized crisis committee in which delegates will find themselves in the midst of a historical conflict. As a unique committee consisting of two competing blocs, assassinations, kidnappings and political upheaval are all but certain. Delegates must anticipate the needs of the populace while balancing conflicting loyalties and ambitions. Simultaneously, they must adjust to crisis Rules of Procedure and specialized Rules of Engagement. Success will depend on the delegates’ ability to think and act quickly, while adapting to the frequent situational changes of the crisis. The topic for PACMUN 2020 is the Irish Civil War-- a politically polarizing and violent time in Ireland’s history. The HJCC is suitable for advanced delegates as well as intermediate delegates looking to refine their skills or to step into the realm of specialized committees.

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email: hjcc@pacificmun.com.


The Irish Revolutionary Period

Dais Members

Eric Xia
Joint Director

Eric is a senior at Lakeside School. A long time MUNer, he is excited to be HJCC’s Joint Director for PACMUN 2020. Having previously served on KINGMUN 2019’s Treaty committee and PACMUN 2019’s JCC, as well as a delegate in many a crisis committee, Eric loves the creative potential that Model UN affords delegates and staffers. He hopes that every crisis committee is memorable and exciting, and more importantly, that this one is more memorable and exciting than the rest. Outside of Model United Nations, Eric enjoys making generative artwork and reading books.

Nisarga Ramesh
Joint Chair

Nisarga is a senior at Interlake High School. This will be her fourth and final (:*{) PACMUN as well as her fourth year of MUN. She has previously staffed EDUMUN and STEMUN JCCs and is incredibly excited to be Joint Chair for HJCC. She loves MUN and how it encourages students to look beyond their lives and learn about diplomacy. Outside of MUN, Nisarga can be found singing in choir, rewatching sitcoms, and desperately trying to keep her eyes open. She hopes that PACMUN 2020 will be unforgettable

Kyrylo Kulygin
Joint Assistant-Director

Kyrylo Kulygin is a junior at the Cambridge Program in Juanita High School. His first conference was a confusingly wild REDMUN 2017, where he completely fell in love with MUN. He attended nine more conferences full of magnificent crises and specialized committee experiences. During the little time that he is not preparing for or debating at another MUN conference, he can be seen attending DECA conferences, being involved in his school’s theater, being on his school’s ASB board, vigorously sipping on coffee, or just arguing about anything and everything. Kyrylo wants to create the most exciting experience for delegates, and can’t wait to see all your bright ideas at his next unforgettable conference.

Sai Sunku
Bloc 1 Director

Sai is a junior at Interlake High School and she is positively ecstatic to be serving as the Bloc 1 Director for HJCC. Ever since starting MUN in freshman year, she has become fascinated with the global mindset and awareness that MUN offers. Since setting foot in her first crisis committee, she has been blown away by the fast-paced debate and the creative solutions. Aside from MUN, she can be found frantically putting together study sheets for HOSA or Science Olympiad, playing the piano, volunteering at the Pacific Science Center, playing some very hype music to stay awake and fostering an extremely healthy coffee obsession (chocolate espresso beans are her current addiction). All that aside, she cannot wait for PACMUN 2020 and an unforgettable crisis experience.

Kseniya Tokareva
Bloc 1 Chair

Kseniya is a rising junior at Eastlake High School. This will be her second year in MUN but you may have missed her as she has a tendency of “disappearing” in order to fuel her tea addiction or walking too fast and ending up apart from the group. Crisis committees have held a special place in Kseniya’s heart since her first crisis experience and she is thrilled to serve as the Bloc 1 Chair of HJCC. She fell in love with MUN because it forces everyone to leave their personal biases and reconsider politics and history from an (often) unconventional viewpoint. Outside of MUN, Kseniya can be found analysing movies and TV shows, watching the sun rise as she finishes editing another Excel spreadsheet, and arguing with her best friend that no, you can’t make a safe and effective flamethrower with flour.

Kaylee Allen
Bloc 1 Assistant-Director

Kaylee is an incoming junior at the International Community School. This will be her third year of MUN and she is extremely excited to be the Bloc 1 Assistant Director of the HJCC. She fell in love with MUN while researching for her committee before PACMUN 2018 because of MUN committees’ ability to extend debate beyond the United States. When she first stepped into a crisis committee, she immediately was thrilled by its fast-paced setting. Aside from MUN and panicking over AP biology tests, Kaylee spends her free time running and playing softball.

Henry Rodgers
Bloc 2 Director

Henry Rodgers is a junior at the International School in Bellevue, in his third year of Model United Nations. He joined on a whim his freshman year and quickly fell in love with the fast-paced debate and public speaking of MUN. He began his MUN journey at EDUMUN 2018, and couldn’t be more excited to be serving on PACMUN staff this year after staffing KINGMUN 2020 and serving as the USG of Finance at EDUMUN 2020. Henry enjoys crisis committees because of their dynamic nature and how they challenge delegates’ ability to debate. He can’t wait to work as hard as he can to make HJCC the best possible experience for every delegate, and looks forward to meeting the delegates and hearing all the innovative solutions they come up with.

Marko Morrison
Bloc 2 Chair

Marko is an incoming senior from International Community School. This will be his fourth and final year in MUN, and he is proud to serve as the Bloc 2 Chair of HJCC this upcoming PACMUN. You may have seen him staff other conferences such as EDUMUN and KINGMUN, and attend as a delegate at countless others in the Pacific Northwest area. Above all, Marko values the close MUN community and how each person brings something unique to the table during collaboration. Aside from MUN, he can be found playing guitar, getting mad gains, cooking, annoying his fellow staff members, attending indie concerts, and enjoying life. Marko hopes that the delegates attending HJCC will have as much fun as he will.

Anat Dubinsky
Bloc 2 Assistant-Director

Anat is a sophomore at Juanita High School in her third year of MUN. She is extremely excited for the Irish topic of the HJCC in this year’s PACMUN, seeing as the Irish nation has garnered loving reviews from Paulette Bonafonté, the shrewd hairdresser of Legally Blonde, the musical, whose adoration for the country of the leprechauns is surpassed only by her passion for kneecap target practice on apathetic Irishmen. This stirring review, paired with the creative and fast paced problem-solving MUN grants, brings Anat much excitement and pride to serve as the Bloc 2 Assistant Director of HJCC. Outside of MUN, Anat can be found playing guitar, TA-ing for younger math classes, and shedding heartfelt tears over Paulette Bonafonté’s rousing performance in Legally Blonde, the musical, during her twice-weekly viewings of the masterpiece. She is ready for a fantastic PACMUN 2020 and hopes delegates come prepared with a diplomatic mindset and a comprehensive understanding of Legally Blonde, the musical.