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Position Papers

Due on November 7


Future Crisis Committee

The FCC (Future Crisis Committee) is a specialized crisis committee in which delegates find themselves in a futuristic world with a complex history. Unlike standard committees, FCC will follow crisis Rules of Procedure. The committee will be in a perpetual moderated caucus and delegates will progress through the committee by giving speeches, writing directives to change and influence the course of events, and creating unorthodox solutions with other delegates. The committee will unfold at a thrilling pace, with crises and unexpected events materializing in a matter of minutes. Delegates will need to be astute and flexible for success. FCC is suitable for intermediate delegates and experienced delegates who are looking to enter the realm of advanced committees, with the only requirement being imaginative thinking to solve the constantly-evolving crisis.

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email: fcc@pacificmun.com.


The Third Ideology

Dais Members

Jathin Arjun

Jathin Arjun is a perennially sleep-deprived senior at Interlake High School. After being forced to join MUN in middle school back when he lived in India, he grew to love and appreciate the quick thinking and creative ideas that MUN was full of. You can frequently find him gorging on cheese slices from the refrigerator, pretending to do homework, and googling random factoids about squirrels. In his practically non-existent free time, he loves to go biking around Lake Sammamish, spend time with his family and friends, and lament that more crisis committees don’t exist in this world. Jathin is tremendously excited to be serving as the Director of PACMUN 2020’s FCC!

Sebastian Gaertner

Sebastian Gaertner is a senior at the International Community School. He joined MUN due to recommendations from his friends in his freshman year and stayed after being inspired by the amazing public speaking skills he witnessed at his first conference. When he is not working on MUN you can find him strolling the Kirkland streets, finding new books to read, studying for tests, and hanging out with his friends in person and online. Sebastian is enthusiastic to run a wonderful crisis committee as your Chair of PACMUN 2020’s FCC.

Sharon Oh

Sharon Oh is (sadly) a junior at the International Community School where she joined MUN in her freshman year, looking to expand her confidence and public speaking skills with her friends, but stayed because of her unexpected love for the club. Alongside MUN, Sharon very much enjoys being bad at math, rewatching La La Land, and drawing to avoid her responsibilities (AKA studying for the SAT). Sharon is overall exhilarated to be your Assistant Director of FCC and hopes you give it your all at PACMUN 2020!

Aarya Gupta

Aarya Gupta is a senior attending Skyline High School, and is super excited to be the Assistant Director of FCC! Aarya first got into MUN in middle school by attending ILMUNC 2016 with her school (because all of her friends did too) and has loved it since. When she’s not doing something MUN-related or overwhelmed with the struggles of IB Diploma (don’t do diploma kids), she helps run Skyline’s Model UN Club, golfs, or basically lives at the library with her friends (Sammamish Library is probably the loudest library out there and it’s because of all the high-schoolers). Aarya’s thrilled to be serving as your Assistant Director for FCC!