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Due on November 7


European Union

Comprised of 27 member states that represent nearly 500 million European citizens and over 4 million square kilometers of territory, the European Union is a unique international organization. This body facilitates and discusses economic, political, and social issues relevant to its member nations. The motto of the European Union is “United in Diversity”. At PACMUN 2020, delegates will be encouraged to follow the committee motto, using teamwork and compromise to ensure that every nation’s voice is heard. The committee is bound to be interactive and dynamic as the topics require complex and well-thought-out solutions. Register now for an educational yet thrilling experience like no other in the EU at PACMUN 2020!

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email:

Topic A

Ensuring the Safe and Economic Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Topic B

Incorporating the Green Deal into the EU Budget

Dais Members

Jessica Topper

Jessica Topper is a junior and lives in Westchester, New York! Jess has always had a love for MUN and the way it brings people together through a fun educational outlet. MUN friends are the best friends. Jess loves MUN so much that she is braving a three-hour time difference to attend PACMUN 2020. Outside of MUN and mountains of homework, Jess can be found in an airport doing her favorite thing, traveling, or she can be found somewhere glued to her phone. Jess is ecstatic to meet all the EU delegates. Be prepared to be in Jess’ PACMUN 2020 vlog! :)

Raheel Tambawala

Raheel is a senior at Lake Washington High School. He is very excited to be your chair for the EU. He joined MUN last year and after his first conference (PACMUN 2019) fell in love with it. Outside of MUN Raheel is in his school’s theater crew and tutors middle schoolers in Latin. For fun Raheel is probably on his phone binging TV shows on Netflix and Hulu! Raheel is delighted to staff his first MUN conference at PACMUN 2020!

Sirjan Uppal

Sirjan Uppal is a junior at North Creek High School and she is elated to be serving as your Assistant Director of the EU. She grew obsessed with all things MUN after her friends convinced her to attend SeattleMUN 2019. Outside of MUN, Sirjan obsesses over The Vampire Diaries, eats too much sugar, and rushes to finish her AP Chemistry homework. Sirjan is excited to make PACMUN 2020 and the EU the best experience for delegates!