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Position Papers

Due on November 7


Commission on Science and Technology for Development

In 1992, the General Assembly transformed the Intergovernmental Committee on Science and Technology for Development into the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD), a subsidiary body of the Economic and Social Council. The CSTD is composed of 43 member states that meet annually to examine the implications of scientific and technological development and propose relevant recommendations to United Nations bodies. The CSTD is perfect for intermediate delegates fascinated by the ethical implications of modern innovations coupled with its practicality in resolving long-standing issues within developing nations.

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email: cstd@pacificmun.com.

Topic A

Transforming Emergency Response Through Technology

Topic B

Preserving Job Security in the Age of Automation

Dais Members

Freya Gulamali

Freya Gulamali is an NBC show devotee and a senior at Interlake High School. She first became enamored with MUN after the chaos of the PACMUN 2018 midnight crisis when Hungary sacrificed itself to become the first all-quarantined country. Freya has continued to love MUN for the inspiring diplomacy of delegates who passionately work towards a common goal of forming creative, practical, and effective resolutions. In her free time, you can find her developing her taste as a comedy connoisseur, watching the Daily Show at night, the Late Show early in the morning, and planning to watch Last Week Tonight sometime next week. Freya can’t wait to meet all of you at the first committee session and welcomes you to the Commission on Science and Technology for Development!

Rory McNerney

Rory McNerney is a shy senior at the International Community School in Kirkland and is excited to meet skilled and passionate delegates at his final PACMUN. Having attended 12 conferences, Rory is in his fourth and final year of high school MUN but is still as eager as ever to continue staffing at PACMUN 2020 as the Chair of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development. Outside of MUN, Rory enjoys playing soccer, taking photos on walks, and writing poetry for his school’s publication. Rory can’t wait to meet new people at PACMUN and hopes that new delegates will consider their global influence and economic capabilities when creating solutions in committee.

Oleg Ianchenko

Oleg Ianchenko is a senior at Tesla STEM High School and is eagerly waiting to meet all the wonderful delegates at PACMUN 2020. As the Assistant Director on the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development, Oleg is excited to hear the passionate and heated debate on some of the world’s largest issues. In his ever-dwindling free time, Oleg loves to play the saxophone and guitar, backpack in the deep wilderness, or swim a few laps in preparation for his next water polo game. Oleg can’t wait to meet all the delegates in the CSTD and hopes that they not only enjoy themselves, but find the entire experience exhilarating!