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Due on November 7


African Union

The African Union (AU) is composed of 55 member nations, and is a distinctive pan-African organization. This body discusses continent-wide issues and aims to promote political and socioeconomic development among its member nations, eradicate poverty, and bring Africa into the global economy. At PACMUN 2020, the African Union will be debating Improving Regulations and Implementation of Cyber Security and Reducing Persecution Against Religious Minorities. Both topics include political, economic, and social issues relevant to the further development of Africa, while requiring collaboration, critical thinking, and creative solutions. Register for the AU for a fulfilling, educational, and inspiring PACMUN 2020 experience!

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email:

Topic A

Improving Regulations and Implementation of Cyber Security

Topic B

Reducing Persecution Against Religious Minorities

Dais Members

Marjan Fathi

Marjan Fathi is a junior in the IB program at Inglemoor High School, and is excited to relive her favorite MUN memories at PACMUN 2020! She has been entrapped in the MUN world since the start of freshman year. Marjan is very attached to her family and she likes to waste her time with her wild dog and interesting friends. In her free time she enjoys cooking or baking, binge-watching Netflix shows religiously, and flexing her TikTok knowledge. She is ecstatic to see your contributions and ideas during committee and to help create all the memories that come with it. She can’t wait to meet you all!

Arushi Shah

Arushi Shah is a junior in the Cambridge program at Juanita High School, and is elated to be staffing PACMUN 2020! Since her first conference in freshman year, Arushi has been unable to separate herself from the thrilling and fast-paced environment that MUN offers, and has become a little bit of a MUN nerd in the process. In her limited free time, Arushi enjoys reading, watching TV for unhealthy amounts of time, cooking, complaining about school, and spending well-wasted time with her friends. She cannot wait for this year’s PACMUN conference and is very excited to meet all the delegates in the African Union!

Zoya Virani

Zoya Virani is a junior in the IB program at Interlake High School, and is thrilled to be staffing at PACMUN 2020. Ever since her first MUN experience in freshman year, Zoya has loved every minute of it. Besides MUN, Zoya loves to bake with her adorable younger sister and watch Disney movies with her family. She enjoys hanging out at the mall with her slightly crazy friends, binging Netflix shows, and scrolling through TikTok when she should be studying. She is eager to hear what ideas each and every one of you will bring to the committee, and is looking forward to seeing you all at PACMUN 2020!