Dear Delegates,

Welcome to PACMUN 2019! This year we will be hosting a wide variety of committees with a wide range of topics for delegates of all experience levels. Whether you are looking for assemblies that debate internationally relevant topics, economic and social councils that deconstruct the world’s most pressing issues, or specialized committees that rapidly develop and change, there is a committee at PACMUN 2019 for you! The Secretariat and Staff have dedicated countless hours of drafting, editing and planning to ensure that every delegate will have a memorable, debate-filled weekend to look back upon. Should you have any questions regarding committees, please feel free to reach out to us or to your committee dais. We’re excited to have you for three days of riveting debate. Hope to see you at PACMUN 2019!

Best Regards,

Nils Berzins

Chief of Staff |
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Principal Bodies

Anusha Srivastava |

These seven committees are comprised of both the principal bodies that are central to the United Nations as well as the regional bodies that are equally critical within the geopolitical sphere. Each offers a unique perspective surrounding complex and highly relevant topics. The range in difficulty of these committees suit beginner to advanced delegates. Within every committee, delegates will be challenged to accurately represent their country position while utilizing diplomacy to write and pass resolutions. These committees encourage delegates to practice and strengthen invaluable skills as well as engage in a multidimensional debate experience.

Economic and Social Councils

Spring Chenjp |

These five distinct committees are focused on a wide variety of issues ranging from combating transnational organized crime to addressing financial corruption. Although well-tailored to suit intermediate delegates, these committees provide an intellectually stimulating experience for all delegates. Inviting a high level of debate and discussion, these committees will call upon delegates’ skills to collaborate and think creatively in order to create multifaceted solutions to pressing global challenges.



Medical Black Markets

Regulation of Psychotropic Drugs



Protection of LGBTQ+ Rights in Developing Nations

Privacy in the Digital Age



Outer Space Treaty & the Privatization of Space

Development of Sustainable Space Technologies



Long-Term Sustainability of Nuclear Energy

Effects of Fast Food on Development of Sustainable Agriculture



Addressing Power Vacuums Left by Gangs in South America

Transnational Organized Crime Across Eurasia

Specialized Committees

Annalisa Mueller-Eberstein |

These five, highly-specialized committees are a collective of the most engaging and innovative committees that the world of Model UN has to offer. From modeling the sacred chambers of the U.S. Senate to the war rooms of the Mongol Empire, these committees are full of opportunities for both fun and learning. Each committee provides a unique experience with a wonderful cast of characters and excellent staff members and fellow delegates. In addition to the difficult topics and questions they present, these committees may have different Rules of Procedure (ROP) or Rules of Engagement (ROE) that will culminate in a challenging yet exciting experience for those who participate.