Dear Delegates,Welcome to PACMUN 2019! This year we will be hosting a wide variety of committees with a wide range of topics for delegates of all experience levels. Whether you are looking for assemblies that debate internationally relevant topics, economic and social councils that deconstruct the world’s most pressing issues, or specialized committees that rapidly develop and change, there is a committee at PACMUN 2019 for you! The Secretariat and Staff have dedicated countless hours of drafting, editing and planning to ensure that every delegate will have a memorable, debate-filled weekend to look back upon. Should you have any questions regarding committees, please feel free to reach out to us or to your committee dais. We’re excited to have you for three days of riveting debate. Hope to see you at PACMUN 2019!

Principal Bodies

We have handpicked our six principal bodies this year to cover the widest range of topics possible. From discussing rights of indigenous peoples to combating maritime crime, these committees have the unique ability to solve almost any global issue. All committees, while differing in difficulty, have the same goal of promoting diplomacy and collaboration. To achieve success, delegates must work alongside others while balancing the beliefs of their government. Within this group of committees, delegates can both examine issues they are currently passionate about and explore new horizons of debate.