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Position Papers

Due on November 7


United Nations Security Council

Under the United Nations Charter, the Security Council has the primary responsibility of maintaining peace and security among nations across the globe. Containing 5 permanent members and 10 rotating members, it acts as the chief body for determining and combating international disputes and threats to peace. For PACMUN 2020, the Security Council is bound to be a fun, yet intense, committee with debates calling for resourceful diplomatic solutions and critical thinking from its delegates. Come and join one of the most exciting and intense PACMUN committees offered!

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email: unsc@pacificmun.com.

Topic A

The Situation in Kosovo

Topic B

Secret Topic

Dais Members

Olivia Boysen

Olivia Boysen is currently a senior at Interlake High School where she’s perpetually drowning in homework, and she is extremely excited to be directing the United Nations Security Council! Olivia joined Model UN her freshman year, and PACMUN will be her eighth time staffing. PACMUN 2017 was Olivia’s first time in a committee where she fell in love with MUN after receiving threats for killing Jerry from Tom and Jerry during midnight crisis. Outside of MUN, Olivia plays volleyball, teaches sailing, and stresses about college. Olivia can’t wait to meet the delegates and to work with them in the interesting and dynamic environment of the United Nations Security Council!

Mindy Zhu

Mindy Zhu is a senior at Lake Washington High School and is honored to be serving as the Assistant Director of the United Nations Security Council for PACMUN 2020. Although it’s only her second year in MUN, she has completely fallen in love with the immersive debates and the wide range of discussion topics MUN has to offer. Besides Model UN, Mindy is also an avid member of her school swim team and loves to read whenever she gets the chance. Mindy is excited for the opportunity to meet new delegates and witness some intense debates!

Annabel Dauphiny

Annabel Dauphiny is a sophomore at Interlake High School and is excited to progress her MUN career. She started as a scared freshman when she joined the MUN club at her school and is now enjoying her time at conferences, constantly wanting to be involved in the MUN world. Her first conference was EDUMUN 2019 and she intends to attend many more: she is currently stepping into the next part in her MUN career by staffing conferences, and she looks forward to learning new things! Outside of MUN Annabel can be found practicing volleyball on the side of her house, riding around on her skateboard, or chilling in bed watching anime. She’s excited to spread her love of MUN to incoming delegates!