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Position Papers

Due on November 7



The United States Senate, the upper chamber of the United States Congress, serves to aid in constituting the nation’s legislature. The Senate is made up of senators who represent a single state in its entirety. Amongst other responsibilities, senators introduce bills and resolutions, as well as offer amendments and serve on committees. Delegates will hold the same responsibilities as senators who make up the United States Senate, an essential part of the US Government. Delegates will be tasked with officiating legislature, protecting the rights of individual states, safeguarding minority opinion in this system of government designed to give greater power to the nation government. The floor of the Senate is always an exciting and energetic space, in which senators defend the bills that they truly believe in, and make decisions that alter the lives of the people of the United States. This committee will be suitable for delegates who hold prior advanced committee experience, as well as newer delegates looking for a fun and unique committee to strengthen their skills.

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email:

Topic A

Homeland Security

Topic B

Healthcare Reform

Dais Members

Brett Kelley

Brett is a senior at Bellarmine Prep. Brett began doing Model UN during his freshman year when he attended PACMUN 2017. Brett has always been interested in the American government and how the U.S. Senate runs. Some additional extracurriculars that Brett is involved with at school are Marine Chemistry, Amateur Hiking Association, and Key Club. In Brett’s limited free time, he can be found playing tennis, Spikeball, hammocking, or simply just hanging out with his friends. Brett is thoroughly excited to be the Director of the U.S. Senate, and looks forward to meeting you all in committee.

Pauline Ngom

Pauline is a Junior at Annie Wright Schools. After attending EDUMUN 2018 during her freshman year, Pauline developed a strong passion for diplomacy and how local governments operate. Other extracurriculars that she is involved in include Black Student Union, local Poetry Slam associations, running for her school’s track team, and doing advocacy work for Save the Children. Outside of school, Pauline would be found coding mobile apps, listening to Childish Gambino, reading over Chinese textbooks, and attempting to learn TikTok dances. She’s looking forward to observing passionate debate and can’t wait to serve as chair for Senate 2020!

Ivan Maykov

Ivan Maykov is a Junior at Juanita High School in Kirkland, and is beyond elated to be staffing PACMUN 2020. Ever since his middle school debate team, he has been captivated about international law, diplomacy, and debating important and impactful topics. When not doing his copious amounts of homework, he's likely competing in DECA, skiing, debating in JSA, hiking/trekking, or attempting to learn the woah. Ivan is excited for an amazing PACMUN 2020 and an astounding Senate!

Pranav Srivasta

Pranav is a freshman at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington. Having been a part of Model United Nations for the past year, he has savored the sleepless nights, frenzied debate, and marvelous experiences. When he's not watching Netflix, reading pointless Wikipedia articles, or panicking about things outside his control, Pranav enjoys reading historical fiction, singing classical music, playing the saxophone, attempting to exercise (and losing willpower), and texting. He also loves calling the United States, “capitalism run amok” in committee and blaming western imperialists for all the world’s problems in committee. He has been graced with an exceptional dais team and is anxious to meet you all! See you at PACMUN 2020!

Xavier Nazzal

Xavier is a sophomore at Bellarmine High School. He is very interested in the Middle East and the South Pacific and likes to learn about music in his free time. Xavier joined Model UN due to an interest in non-western nations that stemmed from his fascination with Egypt when he was a child. Xavier plays tennis, learns about music, and hopes to begin studying Arabic soon. He also really enjoyed writing in the third person when composing this paragraph.