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Position Papers

Due on November 7


Commission on Sustainable Development

The Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), established in December of 1992, was created to implement and follow through with the sustainable development goals jointly created by the General Assembly and the various Economic and Social Councils. Originally, the CSD was charged with actualizing the Earth Summit; however, now it is tasked with overseeing a wide range of topics, from environmental issues to socioeconomic and even human rights issues. The CSD is unique in that the committee has a wide scope of jurisdiction and can debate a vast range of topics. For this reason, the two vastly different, but related, topics of Sustainable Development of Megacities and Ensuring Water Security will yield an exciting and deeply interesting debate for delegates of all levels.

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email: csd@pacificmun.com.

Topic A

Sustainable Development of Megacities

Topic B

Ensuring Water Security

Dais Members

Eesha Kunisetty

Eesha Kunisetty is a junior at Tesla STEM High School and is ecstatic to be serving as the Director of CSD! Since getting roped into her first conference, Eesha has grown to love the global awareness and excitement MUN brings to her life. Tackling junior year is definitely a struggle, but she always seems to make time for MUN. When not buried in MUN documents, she can be found helping run her school’s FBLA chapter, playing tennis, and making incredibly long bucket lists with her friends (that they will likely never finish). Eesha can’t wait to pull all of you into the incredible world of MUN!

Disha Cattamanchi

Disha Cattamanchi is a sophomore in the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School. She has always been fascinated with the MUN culture and is an ardent contributor to the MUN society. She has always been interested in debate, worldly issues, and diplomatic views, with MUN being the outlet that she had always wanted to channel her passions through. Other than MUN, Disha enjoys sticking her face in a book, watching TV until midnight, and writing short stories and poetry (yes, she is totally that kind of girl). She is thrilled to work with all of you, and give you an amazing and unforgettable experience at PACMUN 2020!

Vasanth Ramachandran

Vasanth Ramachandran is a sophomore at Bellarmine Preparatory School. While he only began MUN as a freshman, his passion for heated debate and solving the world’s problems have driven his love and his desire to further his MUN career. Outside of MUN, you can find Vasanth on his Xbox, playing chess, or on tennis and basketball courts. Vasanth is looking forward to thoughtful and heated debate between the next wave of MUNers at PACMUN 2020!