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Position Papers

Due on November 7


Corporate Cabinet

Greetings, delegates! Welcome to the Corporate Cabinet Committee at PACMUN 2020, which will feature seven corporations trying to navigate the complex oil industry in Iran and the Middle East during the 1950s. Using a special set of Rules of Procedure (ROP), this unique committee will work to enact policy directing their goals and actions as corporations, while interacting with each other and passing individual directives. In order to succeed, delegates must employ their wits and cunning to adapt to the ever-changing political climate in this unstable region and battle competition from each other and outside threats. Since the Corporate Cabinet is specialized and requires familiarization with Cabinet ROP, this committee will be perfect for experienced delegates and for intermediate delegates looking for a challenge. The post-war industrializing world needs oil. Someone must supply it.

Position papers are due on November 7 at 11:59PM PST to your committee email:


Oil corporations in Iran and the Middle East 1950s

Dais Members

Ron Dubinsky

Ron Dubinsky, a junior at Juanita High School, was made Director of the Corporate Cabinet because of his passion for drinking crude oil. While some puny mortals may “drink water” and say that “crude oil is not for human consumption”, Ron rejects this nonsense and sips his crude oil out of a plastic bottle that has been carefully fireproofed; Ron especially likes drinking Iraqi Basrah Light petroleum, for the smooth texture and sweet flavor. He is also proud of having better mileage than the average car. Some activities Ron enjoys while drinking oil include doing MUN work, playing the guitar, and reading books on other types of crude. Ron hopes that delegates will enjoy the Corporate Cabinet at PACMUN 2020, the 13th conference at which he will chug Basrah Light.

Charles Ge

Charles Ge is currently a senior at Lakeside School and is in his third year of Model UN. Outside of MUN and extracurriculars, he can be found shooting hoops for fun, playing board games, or dominating at foosball. Charles is looking forward to serving as the PACMUN 2020 Chair for the Corporate Cabinet; he is eager to see delegates research their positions, discuss new ideas, and produce innovative solutions to succeed as oil corporations in Iran and the Middle East during the 1950s. Charles hopes that this committee will be a memorable experience for everyone involved!

Vikram Subramanyam

Vikram Subramanyam is a high energy sophomore at Eastlake High School and is honored to be serving as the Assistant Director for Corporate Cabinet at PACMUN this year . He joined MUN in his freshman year and has attended 4 conferences, his first conference was EDUMUN 2019. Outside of MUN, Vikram can be found listening to Kanye West music or dominating the rap game on soundcloud under the name Lil Big Vik. His favorite album is The Life of Pablo. In this coming conference Vikram is dedicated to giving delegates an amazing committee experience that they will remember.