PACMUN is not just a conferenceーit is a community. As the first high school run MUN conference in the state of Washington, PACMUN not only offers the immersive and engaging MUN experience to its delegates that only a hotel conference can provide, but it also offers the opportunity for students to organize, lead, and initiate this experience. Ever since the inception of the conference, we have not only been renowned for our conference quality within the local MUN circuit, but we have also witnessed and helped with the rapid expansion of MUN chapters across Washington State and beyond.

PACMUN consistently strives to give back to its amazing community, and with our Community Program we hope to achieve just that. Through this program, PACMUN provides a variety of guides and informational materials to improve the quality of their meetings, or simply learn more about the Pacific Northwest MUN circuit. A description of our resources can be found at the bottom of this page.

In addition to this new program, we also offer resources to assist both beginner and experienced delegates before and during their time at PACMUN. These resources can be found below and all of them can be downloaded to be used at your discretion.

Conference Resources

These resources are designed specifically to guide delegates in navigating the research, debate, and collaboration required for Model UN. Delegates are highly encouraged to look over and download these resources, by clicking on the respective icons, in preparation for the conference or to improve their knowledge about Model UN.

Community Program

PACMUN has updated our Community Program with revised and renewed resources as well as new content for delegates, delegations, advisors and head delegates alike. The Community Program provides delegations with resources from teaching materials to conference checklists and club guides. We invite all delegates and advisors to utilize the resources and content provided through the PACMUN Community Program. From preparing each and every delegate for conferences to guidelines on how to start a MUN club at your school, the PACMUN Community Program has it all.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our Secretary-General, Spring Chenjp, at

Introduction to Model UN

Developed to aid in teaching students about Model UN, the following materials are well-suited for advisors and head delegates helping their delegation become familiar with the high-level workings of Model UN. Moreover, included are resources created for delegates who want to learn more about and potentially be involved with leadership opportunities. If you would like the slideshow format of these resources, please reach out to us at

Delegation Management & Skill-Building

The goal of these resources to assist head delegates, club leaders, and advisors in structuring, organizing and managing their delegations to best nurture the development of their delegates’ skills. These resources will also be useful for delegates looking to better their understanding of relevant international topics.

Conference Preparation

Tailored largely to help delegations prepare for PACMUN, the following guides and resources focus on the information head delegates, club leaders, and advisors should prepare for in ensuring that their delegations are conference-prepared. These resources serve as a foundation for items delegations should consider and look over before and while preparing for attending conferences.