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Video calling platform


November 21-22, 2020

PACMUN 2020 will be using Slack servers integrated with Zoom to facilitate delegate debate and discussion. Slack is a messaging platform where delegates will be placed into committee-specific text channels to communicate with Staff members and other delegates in lieu of note-passing. Zoom is a video conferencing platform for audio and video calls, and Slack integration allows Staff and delegates to start video calls with the press of a button. Delegates will be invited to the Slack workspace prior to the conference after assignment of country position and payment of invoices.

Please note that Delegates must have the Zoom application downloaded before the conference in order to start Zoom meetings. More information regarding our virtual platforms, such as logistics and tutorials, will be available on our Resources page as the conference approaches!


(All times listed in Pacific Standard Time)
Saturday, November 21
Opening Ceremony
9am — 9:45am
Committee Session 1
9:45am — 12pm
12pm — 1pm
Live College Panel
12pm — 1pm
Advisor Meeting
12pm — 12:30pm
Committee Session 2
1pm — 3pm
3pm — 3:15pm
Committee Session 3
3:15pm — 5:30pm
5:30pm — 7pm
Head Delegate Meeting
6:40pm — 7pm
Evening Crisis
7pm — 9pm
Virtual Delegate Social
9pm — 12am
Sunday, November 22
Committee Session 4
9am — 10:15am
10:15am — 10:30am
Committee Session 5
10:30am — 12pm
12pm — 1pm
Alumni Panel
12pm — 1pm
Advisor Meeting, Head Delegate Meeting
12pm — 12:30pm
Committee Session 6
1pm — 2:45pm
2:45pm — 3pm
Committee Session 7
3pm — 5pm
Closing Ceremony
5:30pm — 6:15pm
Delegation Photos
6:15pm — 6:45pm

Rosalind Wiseman

Keynote Speaker

From where we learn to where we work, Rosalind Wiseman fosters civil dialogue and inspires communities to build strength, courage and purpose. She is the founder of Cultures of Dignity; an organization that shifts the way communities think about our physical and emotional wellbeing by working in close partnership with the experts of those communities–young people, educators, policy makers, and business and political leaders. National media regularly depends on Wiseman’s expertise on ethical leadership, conflict, media literacy, youth culture, parenting, and bullying prevention. She has been profiled in The New York Times, People, Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and USA Today. Wiseman is a frequent guest on national media like The Today Show, CNN, and NPR affiliates throughout the country.

PACMUN Alumni Panel

How can you use the skills you've learned from PACMUN in college and beyond? Join us for our inaugural PACMUN Alumni Panel on Sunday, November 22nd from 1-2PM, featuring former PACMUN delegates, staff, and Secretariat members involved in business, politics, and international relations. Hear how they navigated high school, found their passions, and use what they learned from PACMUN to make change in their communities.

Bobby Aiyer
Alumni Panel

Volunteer with AmeriCorps. PACMUN 2019 Director-General, PACMUN 2018 USG of Delegate Affairs.

Maddie Mousseau
Alumni Panel

Senior at Georgetown University, planning to work in marketing. PACMUN 2016 Assistant Director of UN Human Rights Commission. PACMUN 2015 Assistant Director of UNICEF Committee. First PACMUN, 2014, attendee, Commission on the Status of Women.

Noelle Sorich
Alumni Panel

Noelle Sorich is a founding PACMUN staff member, and an alumnae of Inglemoor High School's International Baccalaureate program. She went on to study Diplomacy, Economics, and Language at Seton Hall University, graduating in 2019. For the past year and a half, she has worked on the Pete Buttigieg primary campaign and then served as a Regional Organizing Director in Miami Dade and Monroe counties for the Biden-Harris campaign in Florida.

Tobin Hansen
Alumni Panel

Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. PACMUN 2014 Assistant Director ECOSOC, PACMUN 2015 Chief of Staff, PACMUN 2016 Board Member.

Alexis Choi
Alumni Panel

PACMUN 2015 JCC Assistant Director, Security Product Manager at Intuit

Conference Policies

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given unless the conference does not occur or cancellation arises from medical issues, force majeure, or other circumstances arising beyond reasonable control. Refunds will be honored upon full cancellation of the event; full cancellation does not include postponement of the event. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Technology Policy

Delegates will use the Slack Technologies platform (“Slack”) for messaging and coordinating video calls, as well as communicating with Staff. All conference-related communication shall be conducted through either an official PACMUN Slack Workspace or email. All delegates agree to abide by Slack’s User Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which may be found at All Slack and Zoom invitation links are sent directly to Participants for their own personal use, and Participants agree to not disseminate, distribute, or otherwise share invitation links with any other Participant or person not involved in PACMUN to maintain the security of the conference. Participants who require an invitation link may contact the Staff or Secretariat for a replacement link. Participants found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to consequences including but not limited to notification of Adviser(s) and/or removal from the conference.

During all seminar and committee sessions, the use of cellular devices is prohibited. They are required to be turned off or placed in silent mode unless they are being used to join the virtual committee.

Inappropriate messaging, any form of harassment, verbal abuse, bullying, and/or the distribution of explicit materials through conference channels (i.e. through either Zoom, official PACMUN Slack workspaces, or any additional correspondence pertaining to PACMUN) will result in the Secretariat being notified immediately and potential removal from committee.

Delegates are encouraged to collaborate on draft resolutions using online document sharing tools; however the Secretariat and Staff will not distribute delegates’ personal information to aid in this collaboration.