Dear Delegates,

Welcome to PACMUN 2020! PACMUN is proud to host a wide variety of unique, timely, and interesting committees to suit the passions and abilities of any delegate. Whether it is your first conference or your twentieth, PACMUN has a committee for you. Our Staff and Secretariat teams have worked tirelessly to polish background guides and design committees to ensure that your conference will be an unforgettable experience, whether you choose a General Assembly or advanced crisis committee. With topics ranging from the Irish civil war to cybersecurity, you cannot go wrong when choosing any committee; however, I think that you will find there is a committee here designed just for you. PACMUN will be a riveting weekend this November and I personally hope to see you there.

Best Regards,

Luke Jouflas

Chief of Staff |
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Principal Bodies

Maya Nair |

We have handpicked our six principal bodies this year to cover the widest range of topics possible. From discussing rights of indigenous peoples to combating maritime crime, these committees have the unique ability to solve almost any global issue. All committees, while differing in difficulty, have the same goal of promoting diplomacy and collaboration. To achieve success, delegates must work alongside others while balancing the beliefs of their government. Within this group of committees, delegates can both examine issues they are currently passionate about and explore new horizons of debate.

Economic and Social Councils

Kellen Hoard |

These six committees are some of the most uniquely positioned to affect change around the globe. All six bodies wield vast influence in directing a dynamic international response towards some of the world’s most pressing, talked-about issues. These problems encompass a huge range of topics, from mental health to military proliferation to artificial intelligence. Delegates will have the opportunity to not only discuss and solve problems of the world, but to do so in the special context of a regional or powerful intergovernmental committee. While all delegates are welcome, intermediate delegates especially will thrive in the thought-provoking, creative, collaborative, and fast-paced environments that are typical of ECOSOC.



Improving Regulations and Implementation of Cyber Security

Reducing Persecution Against Religious Minorities



Transforming Emergency Response Through Technology

Preserving Job Security in the Age of Automation



Ensuring the Safe and Economic Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating the Green Deal into the EU Budget



Universal and Coalition-Based Healthcare Standards and Distribution

Managing Military and Nuclear Proliferation



Managing Population Growth

Foreign Trade in Island and Landlocked Nations



Improving Access to Mental Health Resources for Adolescents

Ending Child Marriage

Specialized Committees

Rithikaa Prakash |

These five committees comprise the most fast-paced and advanced committees Model UN has to offer. From battling external forces to reinstate the KGB to discussing issues affecting America today in the US Senate, these committees are unique and inventive while preserving the educational aspect of Model UN. Each committee has a compelling storyline and set of end goals created by exceptional dais teams. These committees are highly complex and best suited for advanced delegates due to the different Rules of Procedure (ROP) and Rules of Engagement (ROE) resulting in a challenging yet valuable experience for delegates in these committees.

Flex Staff

Flex Staff are specialized members of our staff team handpicked for their flexibility and adaptability. Whether it's handling directives, helping direct, or assisting the Secretariat with miscellaneous duties, Flex Staff help with all of the unexpected situations that arise during a conference.

Benita Samson
Flex Staff

Benita is a senior at Bellarmine Preparatory School and she is thrilled to be a part of PACMUN 2020! She is so excited to be able to staff this year, and can’t wait to meet all the delegates. Benita has been a delegate at eight conferences now, and she’s staffed a few times as well. Outside of MUN, Benita is interested in a variety of extremely unrelated things such as traveling, playing the clarinet, advocating for the environment, and hanging out with her dog! Seriously, ask her about her dog (or else). She is sure that PACMUN 2020 will be one of her most memorable experiences yet, and she’s excited to see what the delegates have in store!

Olivia Zittel
Flex Staff

Olivia is currently a junior at Ballard High School. She began her MUN journey in 2018 as a bright-eyed freshman. Her awe of MUN has yet to cease and she looks forward to every new conference with a nervous confidence. Now that she is on the Flex Staff team, she is very excited to see all the new forms of debate and while this conference will not be in person she looks forward to being a MUN experience from a staff member’s perspective. During quarantine she reminisced about her lost lacrosse season, took up cooking, and made the unfortunate mistake of choosing to remodel her room. This PACMUN, she can’t wait to see how this online conference turns out.

Drew Spier
Flex Staff

Drew is a sophomore at Interlake High School and is thrilled to participate on his first Model UN staff team at PACMUN 2020. As a freshman, he was drawn to Model UN by repeated promises of free food, and found these vows fulfilling in every sense of the word. Since then, he has rallied for everyone he knows to join MUN to truly experience the unique highs and lows of each conference. He is a proud member of Flex Staff and is looking forward to helping the conference run as smoothly as possible.

Lillian Petersen
Flex Staff

Lillian is currently a junior at Ballard High School. Ever since her friend introduced her to the school’s MUN Club in 2018, she has found every opportunity to get involved. After participating in two PACMUN conferences as a delegate, she is very excited to be part of this year's Flex Staff and to see what the delegates have in store. Outside of PACMUN, she enjoys playing lacrosse, running with her dog and spending time outdoors. Overall, she is stoked to staff this year's conference and to be part of PACMUN’s first ever virtual conference!

Cody Tanner
Flex Staff

Cody Tanner is a sophomore at Juanita High School in Kirkland. He is very excited to be a member of Flex Staff for PACMUN 2020. Cody loves the debate aspect of MUN and is looking forward to the conference. On an off-day you might find him playing soccer, watching YouTube or paddleboarding on Lake Washington. Cody can’t wait to meet everyone at PACMUN and make lots of new friends through passionate arguing.