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PACMUN’s mission is to spread awareness of the United Nations, to motivate students to become more actively involved in local and global affairs, and to inspire students to change the world. PACMUN was founded to empower student leaders in the community. PACMUN started as a collaborative effort between delegates from Tacoma, Kent, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Seattle. The secretariat and staff consist completely of high-school students, who have both the drive and the experience to make PACMUN an amazing conference.

PACMUN began as a student run conference in 2014. The idea was conceived by seven extraordinary students to make a universally accessible MUN conference to all students in the Pacific Northwest. PACMUN is the first student-run conference in Washington State, and it its inaugural year, it became the largest conference in the state. The conference has grown since then, with the leadership of new secretariats and the guidance from years past.

Pacific Model United Nations is a registered non-profit organization in the state of WA and is a federal tax exempt 501c(3) organization designated as a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service

The 2017 Secretariat

Trevor Mueller

Secretary General

Trevor Mueller is currently a senior at the International Community School in Kirkland. Having previously served on multiple secretariats and as president of his club, he can’t wait to apply his management experience to make PACMUN 2017 the best year yet. Although at times it seems like his life is nothing but Model United Nations, in his free time he enjoys music, weightlifting and hikes with his dog in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Trevor is amazingly proud of what PACMUN has become, and is excited to build upon past conferences to continue to expand our horizons and lead delegates into the complex, ever-changing world of international politics.

MacKinley Gibbens

Secretary General

MacKinley Gibbens is a senior at Bellarmine in Tacoma, WA. Besides being one of the few carnivores on secretariat, he has been involved with PACMUN since its inaugural session in 2014, as a delegate. He was the USG of delegate affairs for the 2015 conference, and served as the director general at the 2016 conference. He is on the leadership team of the Bellarmine MUN club, and is amazingly excited to see all of the delegates in November. When not running conferences, MacKinley can be found pretending to do homework, waiting in line at track meets, and playing the saxophone.

Megan Munson

Chief of Staff

Megan Munson is a senior at Inglemoor High School, and is extremely excited to be serving as a Co-Chief of Staff for PACMUN 2017. Outside of MUN, Megan rock climbs, ignores significantly more homework than an IB student should, and is a part of her school’s nationally-ranking newspaper. She is also a vegetarian and has two cats (Molly and Koko!). As Megan’s first conference, PACMUN 2015 is entirely responsible for sucking her into the various staff and secretariat roles Megan has seen during her MUN career. Being a part of PACMUN 2017’s secretariat has been a dream since she saw the panel of professional-looking upperclassmen two years ago, and Megan is eternally grateful to have seen this dream come true. Megan is extremely hyped for this conference and is beyond honored to be a part of this organization.

Kelsey Braford

Chief of Staff

Kelsey Braford is a senior at Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma, Washington. When she first became involved with Model UN her sophomore year, she immediately fell in love with it because it offers a safe place to debate international issues, improve communication skills, and, of course, make new friends! PACMUN holds a special place in her heart as it was the first conference she ever attended, and the first conference she staffed. Outside of MUN, she frequently volunteers for YMCA Camp Seymour and her church. In her free time, you can find her exploring the gorgeous wilderness of Olympic National Park, eating copious amounts of vegetables, or building blanket forts in her living room. She welcomes delegates to PACMUN 2017, and looks forward to a successful weekend in November!

Arun Solanky

Director General

Arun Solanky is a senior at Interlake High School, and has been a part of Model UN since he was a freshman at the inaugural PACMUN. Besides being the Director-General for PACMUN 2017, he has attended ten MUN conventions as a delegate and staffed five more in his long Model UN career. He currently is the Secretary-General of the Interlake Model UN club and EDUMUN 2017. Outside of Model UN, Arun is a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, a member of the Interlake Knowledge Bowl team, a proud survivor of the IB diploma program, one of the few omnivores on the Secretariat, and an inveterate world traveler. He’s convinced that PACMUN 2017 will be the best yet!

Shawdi Mehrvarzan

USG of Finance

Shawdi is a senior in the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School. Entering her fourth year of MUN, she has been consistently “blown” away by the diplomacy, insight, and integrity of the delegates she has encountered throughout her conference experience in the Pacific Northwest. Whether it be through her work as a committee Director (including at PACMUN 2016!), a multi-year leader of her school’s MUN club, or organizing a conference for middle-schoolers, Shawdi is dedicated to expanding the PNW’s MUN landscape. When she’s not obsessively perusing Google News or debating at the dinner table, you’ll find Shawdi (attempting to) play tennis, drawing, toying with calculus problems, fervently performing Rachmaninoff on the piano, or volunteering as an NHS board member. Honored and beyond grateful to serve as PACMUN’s USG of Finance, Shawdi looks forward to providing delegates old and new with a platform from which to change the world, just as PACMUN’s inaugural conference did for her.

Nikita Chinamanthur

USG of Marketing

Nikita is a senior at International School, Bellevue, and has been in Model United Nations since ninth grade. She loves public speaking, debate and films! Being a part of PACMUN for the past three years, she has had one of the most fabulous experiences working with the Staff and Secretariat. She was a delegate in PACMUN 2015 and the Assistant Director for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime at PACMUN 2016. Heading the Media Team this year has been an especially rewarding project. Other than Model United Nations, she acts for school productions, eats hearty vegetarian food, watches Netflix and thinks about college. Nikita hopes delegates and Staff members will have an amazing PACMUN 2017!

Angelus McNally

USG of Technology

Angelus, also often known as Angie, is delighted to continue her tenure as PACMUN’s official computer geek. She is a senior at Woodinville High School and vice-president of WHS MUN. Besides attending and staffing conferences up and down the West Coast, she fills her days with photography, German culture, and singing with her choir family. Her hobbies include not eating meat, hiking, dancing badly but enthusiastically, and teaching her class of kindergarteners how to ski at Stevens Pass. In the future, she hopes to somehow combine biochemistry and computer science in some kind of “Black Mirror”-esque career and also travel into outer space. As enchanted by the possibilities of global collaboration and citizenship as this secretariat is with watching Netflix, Angelus can’t wait to see all that the delegates of PACMUN 2017 can achieve at the conference.

Michelle Kinney

USG of Conference

Michelle Kinney is a senior and International Baccalaureate Diploma student at Columbia River High School in Vancouver, Washington. She has been active in PACMUN for three years now and is involved at Columbia River’s Model United Nations club as a leader. When not participating in MUN or completing homework for IB, Michelle enjoys being on her school swim team, skiing on Mt. Bachelor, and scuba diving. She can also be found in art galleries and volunteering at the Clark County Food Bank. As well as being the furthest secretariat member away from the Seattle area, Michelle is a whole-hearted omnivore and avid orange-eater. She is delighted to welcome delegates to PACMUN 2017 and looks forward to working with the rest of secretariat to make PACMUN 2017 a fantastic and memorable experience for all!

Emma Gace

Co-USG of Delegate Affairs

Emma Gace is a senior at Bainbridge High School on Bainbridge Island, Washington. She has been participating in Model United Nations since ninth grade and has been taking part in PACMUN since its first conference in 2014. Last year she staffed as the Assistant Direction of CELAC. Outside of MUN, Emma is swamped with homework, participates on her high school’s water polo team, and loves to travel and volunteer around the world. She is anticipating a great PACMUN 2017 due to the excellent staff and the dedicated delegates!

Jacqueline Lu

Co-USG of Delegate Affairs

Jacqueline Lu is a senior at the International School of Bellevue and has been active in the Model United Nations community since PACMUN’s inaugural conference in her freshman year. Her love for international affairs and Polandball comics launched her into the mysterious world of Model United Nations. This being her fourth year in MUN, she now serves in leadership of her chapter. From time to time, Jacqueline can be found playing the clarinet, dancing around, stressing about college, being a carnivore, and living out the life she sold to MUN. She is honored to serve as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs and looks forward to the fourth round of PACMUN this November!

Juhi Sinha

Co-USG of Delegate Affairs

Juhi Sinha is super excited to be working on PACMUN secretariat! This is her third year of MUN and her third PACMUN as well, this time behind the scenes! When not doing work for her IB classes or her MUN club, Juhi enjoys playing golf and singing. Juhi has staffed and won awards at all of her conferences and is super excited to make pacmun bigger and better this year!

Paige Chickering

USG of Committees

Paige is a senior attending running start at Cascadia College in Bothell WA. She has been attending conferences since 8th grade and has attended all the the PACMUN conferences since the first one in 2014. Paige has a passion for global issues and social change and hopes that PACMUN 2017 will spark delegates interest in the pressing global problems our world faces. In her free time Paige does gymnastics, procrastinates home work with the assistance of Netflix, and consumes as many french fries as she can. Paige is thrilled to be a part of the PACMUN 2017 secretariat and gets to be a part of creating a fantastic conference for every delegate.

Khushi Chaudhari

USG of Committees

Khushi Chaudhari is a senior at Redmond High School. She started doing Model UN in 7th grade when her teacher signed her up for it without her knowledge. Dreading the day of her first conference, she found herself taking the first step into what would turn into a 6 year long journey. After attending over 8 conferences as a delegate, serving on multiple secretariats, and being president of her club, she is glad that she was forced to attend that first conference. When not engaging in anything MUN related, you can find her training at her karate dojo, rummaging the fridge for vegetables, watching Netflix and searching for new places to travel to. Model UN has had a tremendous impact on her life and she hopes to make PACMUN 2017 a conference to remember!

Alexandra Haworth

USG of Committees

Alex is a senior at Inglemoor High School and is honored to be serving on the secretariat for PACMUN 2017! Alex is in her third year of MUN and has served on KINGMUN 2017 secretariat, EDUMUN 2017 secretariat, PACMUN 2016 staff, and her school's leadership team. At PACMUN 2015, she fell in love with MUN and the combination of diplomacy, debate, and collaboration which it provides. Since that first conference, Alex has worked at every opportunity to become a member of the PACMUN secretariat, and could not be happier to be where she is today. When not doing MUN, Alex can be found writing for her school’s nationally ranked newspaper, volunteering as an excuse to pet cats, and doing far too much homework thanks to IB. Alex looks forward to making PACMUN 2017 the best experience possible for everyone involved!

Zoe Schenk

USG of Committees

Zoe Schenk is a junior at Inglemoor High School. Her first conference was PACMUN 2016, and since then, Model UN has slowly but surely consumed her life. She has since attended VMUN as a delegate, and staffed KINGMUN and EDUMUN 2017. This year, she is the vice president of her school’s MUN club, which she balances with being the co-fundraising chair for the She’s the First club. When Zoe isn’t obsessively doing something MUN related, she enjoys traveling, hiking, frantically studying, and eating a healthy vegetarian diet. She admits to binge-watching the Great British Baking show instead of doing her homework with no shame, but promises to dedicated all of her passion for Model UN to making PACMUN 2017 the best it can possibly be. She can’t wait to see you all there!

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