PACMUN’s mission is to spread awareness of the United Nations, to motivate students to become more actively involved in local and global affairs, and to inspire students to change the world. PACMUN was founded to empower student leaders in the community. PACMUN started as a collaborative effort between delegates from Tacoma, Kent, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Seattle. The secretariat and staff consist completely of high-school students, who have both the drive and the experience to make PACMUN an amazing conference.

PACMUN began as a student run conference in 2014. The idea was conceived by seven extraordinary students to make a universally accessible MUN conference to all students in the Pacific Northwest. PACMUN is the first student-run conference in Washington State, and in its inaugural year, it became the largest conference in the state. The conference has grown since then, with the leadership of new secretariats and the guidance from years past.

Pacific Model United Nations is a registered non-profit organization in the state of WA and is a federal tax exempt 501c(3) organization designated as a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service

Current Secretariat

Spring Chenjp

Spring Chenjp is a senior at Tesla STEM High School and is beyond honored to serve as your Secretary-General for PACMUN 2020. Her Model UN career began more than four years ago as an eighth-grader in ill-fitting Western Business Attire thrown into a Joint Crisis Committee without the faintest idea of what a crisis was. Two days and countless directives later, she was hooked on the rapid note-passing and passionate debate, and dove even further into Model UN through staffing and (eventually!) serving as a Secretariat member. In her ever-dwindling spare time, Spring practices and teaches taekwondo, sings in her school choir, and hopes to pass her next calculus test. To all delegates at this year’s PACMUN, she hopes to give them the chance to grow in confidence and form meaningful relationships with individuals from other delegations, schools, and states. Spring can’t wait to welcome you to PACMUN 2020!

Cody Fellinge

Cody Fellinge is a senior at Cascadia College, as well as at The Attic Learning Community in Woodinville. He is excited to serve as the Director-General for Pacific Model United Nations 2020, and looks forward to a great conference. Cody has grown through Model UN from a quiet eighth grader at EDUMUN 2016 to an award-winning representation of BuzzFeed News, and is enthusiastic to help other delegates grow at PACMUN. Besides Model UN work, you can find Cody fixing his routinely broken car, walking his very good dog, and driving to and from Bothell for Running Start classes. Cody and his external team, along with PACMUN’s Media Interns, will work tirelessly to bring Model United Nations to the Pacific Northwest for the best year yet!

Luke Jouflas
Chief of Staff

Luke Jouflas is a skier whose life has been tragically taken over by Model UN. Before he was introduced to MUN as a freshman, Luke would spend his days skiing and his nights resting. Now Luke spends his days skiing and his nights on adrenaline and Red Bull writing position papers, editing background guides, and frantically typing away at spreadsheets. However, despite losing countless hours of sleep to the program, he has absolutely fallen in love with it. Now in his senior year at Bellarmine Preparatory school, Luke has participated in more than twenty conferences as a delegate, staff, and secretariat member. Now, filling the role of PACMUN Chief of Staff, Luke feels honored to serve the same community that has helped him grow so much in the past few years.

Isabella Wang
Assistant Director-General

Isabella Wang is a junior at Newport High School and is over the moon about serving as your Assistant Director-General for PACMUN 2020! As a shy and naive freshman, she stumbled into her school's Model UN club with low expectations. Little did she know, Isabella would soon discover a whole new world where WBA-wearing students would passionately debate the world's most pressing issues. Though she immediately fell in love with MUN, PACMUN in particular has a special place in her heart— it's where she had her first experience as a delegate, her first experience as a staff member, and her first experience drinking Red Bull during crisis. She often reflects on these equally life-transforming events. On the rare occasion that Isabella is not working on MUN, you can find her scribbling in her sketchbook. As a true ambivert, she can spend hours upon days alone painting anything from murals to portraits. Isabella enjoys a healthy amount of criticism on her finished art pieces and often consults her parrot for advice. She is usually disappointed to find that her parrot can only imitate her sneezes and doesn’t actually talk. Isabella is honored to be working with all of the incredibly amazing secretariat and can't wait to see all of you at PACMUN 2020!

Maya Nair
USG of Principal Bodies

Maya Nair is a junior at the wonderfully outdoor campus of Inglemoor High School and is pumped to be serving as the USG of Principal Bodies for PACMUN 2020. She was first forced into the MUN circuit as a scared little eighth grader and has miraculously survived the past 3 years to become a slightly less scared 11th grader. When she’s not procrastinating school work by doing Model UN, you can find Maya playing soccer, baking for obscure food-based national holidays, or debating the newest headlines with her extremely opinionated family. She is excited to see delegates get involved in solving the newest global outbreaks, make long lasting memories, and use the Oxford comma to its full potential. She can’t wait to experience this action-packed weekend with all delegates at PACMUN 2020!

Kellen Hoard
USG of Economic and Social Councils

Kellen Hoard is a junior at Inglemoor High School who made the decision to join Model UN in 9th grade on a whim. He made the right choice. Another good choice was becoming the USG for the best committees in PACMUN 2020. He also takes part in several non-MUN activities (though MUN holds a high place in his heart): coin collecting, politics, choir, tech theatre, and perhaps most importantly, Instagram modeling. MUN can be a fantastic experience like no other, so he has worked to facilitate PACMUN committees that will allow passionate delegates to get to the bottom of timely, internationally important issues on a regional or worldwide level. He hopes that through the Economic and Social Committees delegates will gain insight into the world, have fun, and perhaps pick up a few modeling tips along the way.

Rithikaa Prakash
USG of Specialized Committees

Rithikaa Prakash is a current senior at the International Community School in Kirkland. She joined Model UN on accident, and after her first committee session at her first conference, PACMUN 2017, she fell in love with everything MUN had to offer. She can often be seen doing work for MUN on her personal computer during her classes, or perfecting her placards on her MUN wall in her bedroom. She is absolutely delighted to be the USG of Specialized Committees for the conference that opened the door to so many amazing experiences and opportunities. Rithikaa also serves as the Co-President of ICS MUN. Outside of MUN, Rithikaa can be found doing various forms of art, scrolling mindlessly on TikTok, or desperately trying to find her work uniform. Rithikaa is super excited to see what the upcoming conference has in store and hopes that PACMUN 2020 has the same impact on every delegate that it had when she was a freshman. She can’t wait to see you soon!

Sanya Gupta
Lead USG of Delegate Affairs

Sanya Gupta is a forever stressed senior, though she has been called a freshman an innumerable number of times, at Interlake High School. After being peer pressured into attending EDUMUN way back when she was actually a freshman, Sanya was enthralled by the environment the club fostered and instantly dove into the metaphorically deep end of the Model UN pool. She has since immersed herself into everything MUN from serving on her school’s secretariat to attending a multitude of conferences. When she is not informing everyone around her with MUN updates, Sanya can be found dragging around her 100-pound bookbag, writing bios that are far too long, and finding every excuse to run. Some of her favorite activities, aside from MUN of course, include trying to lead her Science Olympiad team, avidly participating in far too many clubs, managing It’s Real, taking pictures from her Juliet balcony, and reading for longer than she probably should. Nevertheless, Sanya is exhilarated to serve as the USG of Delegate Affairs at PACMUN 2020 and cannot wait to meet all of you!

Natalie Sarabosing
USG of Delegate Affairs

Natalie Sarabosing has a Model UN tradition that she started back when she was a wide-eyed freshman attending EDUMUN 2018: before every conference, she'll buy a pack of Haribo gummy bears, and then she'll consume them all by the end of the conference. Her dedication to both sugar and this tradition is only rivaled by her love for MUN itself. The beautiful near-chaos of diplomacy was something Natalie was immediately thrilled by as a delegate at PACMUN 2018, and she wanted to help create that experience for others. After staffing for numerous conferences, this Newport High School junior is truly ecstatic and honored to be your USG of Delegate Affairs for PACMUN 2020! Aside from MUN, she also enjoys playing the piano, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, ranting over books and flowers, Speech & Debate (especially speech), and everything about Tech Theatre. Natalie's simply so excited to meet you all that she can't bear it, and hopes that you have a fantastic conference!

Samarjit Kaushik
USG of Technology

Samarjit Kaushik is a junior at Nikola Tesla STEM High School, and this will be his first time participating in a Model United Nations conference. He is looking forward to learning about MUN, and applying his skills in web design and development as the Undersecretary-General of Technology for PACMUN 2020. Outside of MUN, Samarjit is heavily involved in clubs and conferences like HOSA and TSA, both as participant and a chapter officer, and is also incredibly passionate about computer science, working on large projects and taking part in countless programming competitions. Samarjit is really looking forward to serving as the USG of Technology for PACMUN 2020, and making this year’s conference the best one yet!

Gloria Wang
USG of Finance

Gloria Wang is a junior in the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School, and one of the only MUNers who is not caffeine-addicted. At her first conference, she represented Panama in the General Assembly at PACMUN and did not say a single word. She learned from those experiences and is amazed at how Model UN helped her blossom into a slightly more outgoing person. Gloria knows PACMUN is a great experience for delegates of all levels. When she is not engaged with “just MUN tings”, she is volunteering, highly engaged in her school’s DECA chapter, and flipping around on the Juanita Gymnastics team. Gloria is delighted to serve as the USG of Finance of PACMUN 2020 and hopes to meet as many delegates as possible!

Isabelle Nurzhanov
USG of Media

Isabelle Nurzhanov is currently a senior at The Center School and Seattle Central College. Although her Model UN journey has been quite short, she’ll always cherish her first conference experience at PACMUN 2018. As Cameroon in CTSD, Isabelle was surprised to see how intense, exhilarating, and rewarding debate and resolution-writing could be. During her junior year, Isabelle worked as a Media Intern, taking photos and seeing the ins and outs of how conferences are run. At her school, Isabelle serves on student government, co-leads Racial Justice Alliance and Art Club, and attempts to tackle her senior project. When she isn’t taking photos or designing graphics, Isabelle can be found stress-baking, writing, or rushing between TCS and Seattle Central to make it to her classes on time. It’s an honor to serve as the Undersecretary-General of Media for PACMUN 2020, and Isabelle hopes all delegates and staff have an incredible experience at the conference!

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Media Team

The MUN Northwest Media Internship is a year-round internship where interns create and design a variety of promotional/marketing materials and media for all of MUN Northwest’s conferences in the form of photography, videos, social media posts, and more. The MUN Northwest Media Internship is a unique opportunity for high schoolers to grow their skills through on-site and off-site long-term media projects.

The 2020-21 MUN Northwest Media Internship application will open in May 2020 and any questions can be directed to Katherine Holo, at sg@pacificmun.com.

Bentley Eldrige
Media Intern

Bentley Eldridge is a senior at Bainbridge High School. He fell victim to the MUN epidemic in freshman year and hasn’t questioned that decision since. Model UN “literally blew up” his life, since the various conferences he has attended vastly expanded his understanding of international politics, to the point of mental and spiritual enlightenment. The Great Flood of Knowledge, as he called the experience, then lead to an almost predestined opportunity to apply for the PACMUN Media Team. Right then and there, Bentley’s passions for MUN and cinematography merged into one frame. This would be his shot at redemption, having missed this opportunity many times in alternate universes. In his free time, Bentley enjoys boredom and the potential it holds. More often, however, you can find him rowing on the Bainbridge varsity rowing team, shooting music videos, and trying to break the norms of filmmaking. The excitement of this biography doesn’t stop here. To stay up to date with the chaos and cinematography in his life, follow @bentley.eldridge on Instagram.

Emily Rincon
Media Intern

Emily Rincon is a senior at Logan High School. She attended her first PACMUN conference in 2019, where she admired the media team from her seat in the UNEP committee. Now she is ecstatic to be a part of the media team that will work towards finding creative ways to capture a virtual conference. Besides being the secretary of the Model UN Club, Emily is the historian in student government. She is also involved in Multicultural Club and Photo Club. When she’s not taking photos of people and editing on Lightroom (which she loves), Emily is found spending time in the outdoors, listening to Indie pop music, reading the news, watching Netflix, and educating herself on systemic racism. Follow @emiliannaphoto on Instagram to see her work!

Fal Iyoab
Media Intern

A rising senior at Shorecrest High School, freshman Fal couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams that she’d serve as a Media Intern, but she has found the unpredictability of Model UN to be one of its underrated beauties. Fascinated at the opportunity to pursue global studies as could be a bridge to her parents’ home country, Eritrea, she’s enjoyed the research to represent countries she wouldn’t have learned of otherwise. One leap of faith after the other, Fal became co-president with her friend, Megan Rudberg, though their freshman year as novices proved they weren’t naturals. Since then, the work has been worth it to build a small but mighty club of brilliant members, making MUN less intimidating with memes and games. Focusing on her school’s softball team, yearbook, Key Club, and literary magazine, Fal balances it all at a tortoise’s pace.

Kelly Tran
Media Intern

Kelly Tran is a senior at Lake Washington High School. As an amateur photographer, she often takes candid photos of her friends and family, together with serene landscapes as logs of her travels. She initially joined Model UN through her friends, but quickly grew to love the flow and energy of the conferences. This year as MUN Northwest Media Intern, she hopes to be able to capture these moments so everybody can look back at all the exciting memories they shared at the MUN Northwest conferences. In her free time, you can find her watching anime, decimating her friends at Wordhunt, and of course, doing photography!

Nicole Yang
Media Intern

Nicole Yang is a junior at International School of Bellevue, and she is beyond excited to be taking photos and videos for you this year to capture memories that you will never forget. She wrote and sponsored her first ever resolution paper at PACMUN 2020 and immediately knew that she wanted this to be a part of her high school adventure. She adores the moments of constantly chasing sunsets, trying out new boba flavors and going hiking with her friends. When she is not editing graphics or taking photos and videos, she is most likely actively debating and taking photos for JSA, advocating for children’s lives for UNICEF or practicing endless hours of piano. She is so honored to be working with MUN Northwest to create some of the most amazing content this year. Using only 100 words to describe all of her is quite difficult, but follow her on Instagram @nic.yangg to be updated with all the crazy adventures that she goes on!

Board of Directors

Monisha Weerasundara


Subramanian Ramachandran

Nils Berzins
Jackson Kelley
Shawdi Mehrvarzan
Paige Chickering
Kelsey Braford
Angie McNally


PACMUN is part of Model United Nations Northwest, a student-run organization that provides the resources for conferences and schools in the Pacific Northwest

Each year, a unique Secretariat is selected to prepare for each individual conference; these dynamic teams of high school students work diligently year-round to craft a website, develop systems for registration, write committee background guides, search for grants and sponsors, promote conferences on social media, negotiate agreements with hotels in the downtown Seattle area, and much more. Each Secretariat is overseen by the MUN Northwest Board of Directors, made up of former Secretariat members, founding members, and experienced members of the MUN community in the Pacific Northwest.

You can learn more about Model United Nations Northwest on their website.