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After World War II ended, the Allied Powers came together and formed the United Nations. These powers created the UN to promote world peace, the main objective being the prevention of any more world wars. The Security Council is one of the UN’s principal bodies, comprised of 15 members. Five of these 15 members are known as the Powerful 5 (P5), which are the five main Allied Powers that won WWII including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, China, and the Russian Federation. These permanent members of UNSC and the other 10 member states work together to determine whether an issue is a threat to the international community, recommend which action should be taken to confront such a threat, and most importantly maintain international peace.

In the UN, the Security Council has a unique role, seeing as they are the only committee whose resolutions have binding effects on member states. This power is not taken lightly, the committee usually favoring peaceful methods whereby parties associated negotiate and mitigate the issue. Usually when negotiations fail, the UNSC has the power to enforce economic sanctions, regulate armaments in regions worldwide, and authorize military activity. Seeing as the UN was created to prevent another world war, all actions taken by the UNSC are meant to mitigate aggression associated with worldwide conflicts.

Position Papers are mandatory, and must be turned in to the dais by 11:59PM on Nov 5, 2017. The dais’ e-mail address is Late position papers will not be considered for an award unless an extension has been requested by the delegate and approved by the dais at least 24 hours in advance.

Further questions or inquiries can be directed to the dais at

Topic 1: UNSC Reform— G4 Nations

Topic 2: The Yemeni Civil War

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Daisy Bell


Hello, delegate! My name is Daisy Bell and I am the Director of Security Council for PACMUN 2017. I am a junior at Bainbridge High School, and like to do film, write, swim and run outside of MUN. For this conference, I hope that delegates have fun, and further their understanding and love for Model UN. Security Council for PACMUN 2017 will be fun, so sign up for it today!

Alexander Prakash


As a freshman, Alexander fell in love with Model UN, and the unique combination of individualized debate and coalition-formation that it offered. He believes that Model UN is an excellent educational opportunity for anyone seeking to make an impact in the world, by discussing issues of international politics and conflict-resolution. Alexander has attended conferences as diverse as KINGMUN, PACMUN and CAHSMUN. Now a junior and president of the MUN club at Lakeside School, he is also an avid debater, reader, black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, squash player, bicyclist, hiker and skate and downhill skier.

Samuel Bernstein

Assistant Director