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The United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR), commonly known as the UN Refugee Agency, was founded in 1950, originally supposed to last only three years as a subsidiary organization of the United Nations General Assembly. Those initial years were intended to aid the millions of displaced Europeans in the aftermath of World War II, though today the UNHCR has expanded to aid the cause of refugees globally.

The 1951 Refugee Convention is the essential principle around which the UNHCR functions. The UNHCR’s mandate is to provide, on a non-political and humanitarian basis, international protection for refugees and to seek permanent solutions for their cause. The UNHCR works globally on a variety of solutions for refugees, focusing mainly on voluntary repatriation, local integration, and resettlement. The UNHCR aids Asylum-seekers, Internally Displaced People, Refugees, Stateless People, and Returnees.

Every day, almost 34,000 people are being forced to flee home, and as of late, over 65 million people have been determined as refugees, asylum-seeking and/or Internationally Displaced. Despite this colossal number, however, only 170,000 Refugees are expected to have been resettled by the end of this year. With these numbers coming hand in hand, it is more pressing than ever for the UNHCR to rise to action and address this growing issue of the Global Refugee Crisis.

Position Papers are mandatory, and must be turned in to the dais by 11:59PM on Nov 5, 2017. The dais’ e-mail address is Late position papers will not be considered for an award unless an extension has been requested by the delegate and approved by the dais at least 24 hours in advance.

Further questions or inquiries can be directed to the dais at

Topic 1: Combating Gender Based Violence and Discrimination in Refugee Camps

Topic 2: Improving Refugee Assistance in the Central African Republic

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Rachel Koo


Rachel Koo is a senior at the International School of Bellevue and this will be her seventh conference, and second time hosting. Rachel was first captivated by the world of Model UN as a freshman, when she accidentally found herself in a heated ethics debate with a senior in what she later discovered was an MUN meeting. Her passion for MUN has only grown since. She is also very active with her Robotics team, and in the minimal free time she has, you’ll see her working as an avid volunteer and advocate for Migrant Worker Labor Rights in Skagit and Whatcom County. As this will be her last conference, Rachel is ecstatic to meet her new UNHCR delegates and provide them with the phenomenal PACMUN experience that she has had every year!

Charlotte Gunn


Charlotte Gunn is a sophomore at Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, and lives on the tiny rock of Vashon Island. Charlotte has been doing Model UN since the beginning of her freshman year, and is on the leadership team of her club. She delegated at six conferences last year, and was a chair at one. Whenever she's not on a ferry or at a Model UN meeting, she enjoys travelling, spending time with her cats, camping and backpacking. She is also involved in YMCA programs, and spends a large portion of her summer on Orcas Island at YMCA Camp Orkila.

Anusha Srivastava

Assistant Director

Anusha is a sophomore at Tesla STEM High School and this will be her sixth MUN conference. After attending her first conference, she was hooked, and in her past few conferences, has only grown to love MUN more. Besides wasting an unhealthy amount of time eating away her stress, Anusha is a part of HOSA in addition to her school’s awesome MUN club, involved in swim team, tennis, and concertmaster of the Sinfonia Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra. In what little spare time she has, she enjoys travelling, music, hiking, and camping. Anusha is eager to give delegates a memorable experience that they can learn and grow from and can’t wait to meet everyone at PACMUN 2017!

Emily Glenn

Assistant Director

Emily is a junior at Bainbridge Island High School and is thrilled to be a part of PACMUN 2017. Emily has been an active participant in her school’s MUN club since freshman year, with PACMUN 2017 being her seventh conference but her first time staffing. Outside of school and MUN, Emily enjoys traveling, running cross country, paddleboarding, volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium, reading, and watching too many hours of Friends. Emily cannot wait to meet everyone and is very excited for another amazing and memorable PACMUN conference!