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The United States Senate is the upper house of the bicameral United States Congress. Unlike traditional Model United Nations committees, the delegates of the Senate will be emulating incumbent senators, which means that personal pronouns are allowed. Senators must ensure that they accurately reflect the individual viewpoints of their Senator and account for the viewpoints of their constituent base while debating legislation. This includes bills and the approval of other important aspects of the United States government. PACMUN Senators must also be familiar with the specific parliamentary procedure for the Senate such as filibusters, as this varies greatly from usual MUN procedure due to the specialization of the Senate as a regional committee. Keep in mind that PACMUN Senate 2017 will be quite different from any other MUN Senate, including PACMUN Senate 2016. Therefore, delegates must read the new Rules of Procedure for details. However, during the conference, additional information will still be reviewed. Senators will not be submitting position papers and will instead submit two proposed bills pertaining to the policies and positions of their specific Senator. The Senate dais strongly encourages you to become a part of the United States Senate and looks forward to seeing you all at PACMUN!

Bill proposals are mandatory, and must be turned in to the dais by 11:59PM on Nov 5, 2017. The dais’ e-mail address is Late bill proposals will not be considered for an award unless an extension has been requested by the delegate and approved by the dais at least 24 hours in advance.

Further questions or inquiries can be directed to the dais at

Open the Background Guide Here

Open the Rules of Procedure Here

Open the Bill Template Here


Sneha Durairaj


Sneha is a junior at Redmond High School and joined Model UN in her junior year after forced pressure from her friends but ended up falling in love with it at her first conference, where she won Outstanding Delegate. Outside of MUN, Sneha plays competitive badminton, is part of DECA, and is a Senator in Youth & Government, which she is extremely passionate about. Youth & Government is where she discovered her affinity for American politics, which has now manifested into her staff position in the US Senate. Additionally, she is the Editor-in-Chief of the Redmond High School newspaper and works as a private tutor. Sneha wants to be a Senator later in life, and loves the Senate. As a people person, she sincerely looks forward to meeting all of the delegates.

Sten Hoffman


Sten Hoffman is currently a senior at Interlake High School and a member of the school’s Model UN club with which he has attended three MUN conferences. Outside of MUN, Sten is a volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium and a member of Interlake’s Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble. Sten hopes to study linguistics at U of Toronto. Sten is extremely excited to staff the Senate at PACMUN 2017 due to his interest in politics, and looks forward to an interesting and productive committee session.

Annalisa Mueller-Eberstein

Assistant Director

Annalisa Mueller-Eberstein attends the International Community School in Kirkland as a current sophomore. This is her third year of MUN after attending KINGMUN 2016 in eighth grade and continuing with PACMUN 2016. She can’t wait to staff at PACMUN 2017 and to continue making MUN memories. Annalisa enjoys the debates in and out of committee as well as the bonding between fellow delegates and conference attendees. Only problem is that she can only remember them by country name. Annalisa can't wait to interact with all of you at PACMUN 2017 right after she finishes binge watching a certain show on Netflix, a project for FBLA, making horrible puns, her duties as PR Officer of ASB, or volunteering at the Pacific Science Center.

Nate Keller

Assistant Director

Nate Keller is a senior at Eastlake High School and the Head of Delegate Affairs of Eastlake’s Model UN club. He has attended three conferences, and Evergreen Boys State. Outside of MUN, Nate coaches/plays/watches soccer and listens to NPR. He hopes to attend West Point to study International Affairs and eventually work in the State Department. Nate is eagerly anticipating the commencement of the PACMUN Senate and looks forward to meeting all of you.

Erin Miller

Assistant Director

Erin Miller is a senior at Bainbridge High School. This is Erin’s fourth year participating in Model United Nations; her first conference was Vancouver Model United Nations 2015. She is currently a co-president of her school’s Model U.N. club. Erin started Model U.N. because she had a crippling fear of public speaking, but over her first year of conferences gained confidence and now loves debating and helping to solve the issues that face our world today. Erin is also a competitive swimmer year round with both her club team and her high school team. She is a captain of both teams. She is so excited to encourage all Senate delegates to grow and learn and listen to you debate the potential solutions to these contentious topics in United States Politics.