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The Joint Crisis Committee is truly unique. With assassinations, war, negotiations, and everything in between, delegates will be constantly faced with new challenges. The standards of diplomacy and international collaboration that are established in most committees are replaced with aggressive debates, espionage, and a world where no one can be trusted.

JCC consists of two independent blocs that have drastically opposing views but must learn to collaborate or face mutually assured destruction. During a single, continuous crisis, delegates will perpetually advance the committee through private and public directives, which will take immediate effect and change the nature of the crisis. Throughout the conference, delegates will be required to think on their feet, act decisively, and make decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of the world. JCC is meant for delegates who are confident in their public speaking ability and prepared to create imaginative solutions to achieve their desired goals.

Position Papers are mandatory, and must be turned in to the dais by 11:59PM on Nov 5, 2017. The dais’ e-mail address is Late position papers will not be considered for an award unless an extension has been requested by the delegate and approved by the dais at least 24 hours in advance.

Further questions or inquiries can be directed to the dais at

Topic: Future

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Sam Dorsey

Crisis Director

Sam is a senior at Lake Washington High School in Kirkland. He has been in his school’s Model United Nations club since freshman year, and has attended PACMUN every year since its inauguration in 2014. He is delighted with the opportunity to staff PACMUN in his last year of high school and is thrilled to be working with such an exceptional team of staff. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and playing trumpet. Sam hopes that he and his staff will be able to provide delegates with a Joint Crisis Committee to be remembered. He looks forward greatly to seeing all of you at PACMUN 2017!


Thomas Dulski

Crisis Assistant Director

Thomas Dulski is a senior at Nikola Tesla STEM High School. Through his 3 years as both a Model UN delegate and staff member he has really put the model, in Model UN. In his storied career, he has attended 7 conferences ranging from WASMUN to CAIMUN. Outside of Model UN, he is an accomplished Boy Scout, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. His other activities include but are not limited to being a varsity hurdler and a minimum wage bagger at Safeway. Thomas will be serving as the Directive Manager for Bloc 1 for JCC.

Denis Chelan

Bloc 1 Director

Denis, a sophomore at Tesla STEM High school and was first introduced to MUN during his 8th grade year at ICS attending KINGMUN for the first time. Since then he has attended a multitude of conferences from KINGMUN 2016 all the way to WASMUN even staffing KINGMUN 2017 and EDUMUN taking part in a crisis committee for all but one. In his free time Denis enjoys playing the piano which he has done for 7 years, programming various things from websites to games as well as hiking and swimming. For PACMUN 2017 Denis is the director of Bloc 1 and he can’t wait to see you all.

Anna Kucinski

Bloc 1 Chair

Anna Kucinski is a Senior at Woodinville High School and was drawn to be involved in staffing PACMUN after being a delegate at PACMUN and VMUN last year as well as staffing KINGMUN’s JCC and being incredibly impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm the staff of their committees had and wanting to be involved in this process. Other than MUN, Anna has been involved with Girl Scouts for 12 years and has been involved with a student-lead science club for elementary school kids for the past 3 years. They are also extremely passionate about singing in choral groups and they are currently involved in their advanced women’s choir at Woodinville High School. This is their second time staffing a conference and they are excited to be involved with the success of PACMUN.

Jackson Kelley

Bloc 1 Assistant Director

Jackson Kelley is a junior at Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, WA. After going to one conference, he wasn’t convinced that Model UN was for him, but after being a delegate in PACMUN 2016, Jackson’s interest in Model UN blossomed, and he has gone to nearly every conference available to him since. Besides being a delegate, he also helped found a middle school conference in Tacoma, WA, called BELLARMUN, which got over 50 delegates in its inaugural year. Jackson finds time for other activities besides MUN, too, such as playing tennis for his school and participating in the many extracurricular opportunities available to him. Jackson is pleased to have been selected to be the AD for Bloc 1 in the JCC, and is excited to see what the delegates at PACMUN 2017 have to offer.

Esther Wang

Bloc 2 Director

Esther Wang is a sophomore at Tesla STEM. MUN has been an integral part of her life ever since her first conference at PACMUN 2016. Model United Nations continually amazes her by the dedication and professionalism that is displayed as well as the diplomacy and intense debate it offers with every conference. Outside of MUN, Esther enjoys soccer, playing the violin, graphic design and science. She is extremely excited to be the Director of JCC Bloc II and is looking forward to making PACMUN JCC the best it can be!

Bea Macagno

Bloc 2 Chair

Bea is a senior enrolled in the IB program at Inglemoor High School, and they are thrilled to be starting their last year in high school MUN as a staff member. PACMUN was their first ever conference, which sparked their continuing interest in politics and international affairs. Outside of schoolwork and MUN-work, Bea spends their time horseback riding, rock climbing and hanging out with friends. Bea hopes that their delegates enjoy this unique crisis committee and debate as much as they do, and that this conference will allow the delegates to fall in love with the world of MUN.

Kira Eng

Bloc 2 Assistant Director

Kira Eng is a junior in the IB program at Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington. She has been participating in Model United Nations for two years. Outside of MUN, Kira enjoys reading, baking, playing French Horn, and training in and teaching TaeKwonDo and Arnis. She also volunteers at University of Washington Medical Center and participates in many clubs through Interlake High School. Kira is thrilled to be involved in PACMUN 2017 as Assistant Director in Bloc 2 of JCC and hopes that the delegates enjoy debating the interesting crisis and have fun at PACMUN 2017.