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Are you a daring delegate ready for a mind-bending, fast-paced debate? The Joint Crisis Committee is a challenging, out-of-the-box MUN experience, where the circumstances are ever changing and where you never know who can be trusted. The longstanding MUN values of diplomacy and collaboration are replaced with international espionage, aggressive debates, and evolving circumstances. Feud with your friends and keep your enemies close in a world where literally anything can happen.

JCC, unlike a traditional MUN committee, consists of two independently running blocs whose opposing views and goals create a heated debate. Instead of resolutions, delegates will pass public or private directives with the power to immediately affect the nature of the perpetual crisis at hand. From recovering from a World War to tensions between Arctic territory, the stakes are high as you and your fellow bloc members are here to avert the crisis. If the bloc is to achieve their desired goals, all delegates are expected to think rapidly, act decisively, and resolve crises using imaginative solutions.

As a continuous crisis, JCC is intended for delegates who are prepared to think on their feet, participate in a high level of debate, and keep in mind who the real enemy is.

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Topic: Future

Download the Background Guide by clicking here

Download the JCC Rules of Procedure by clicking here


Annabelle Hill

JCC Director

Annabelle Hill is a rising senior at Bainbridge High School and is thrilled to be the Joint Crisis Director at PACMUN 2016. Annabelle is the co president of her MUN club with fellow staff member Phoebe Liebling, and has been an active member of her club for three years. Outside of MUN Annabelle is the captain of her high school’s swim team, plays for her high school’s water polo team, hikes, and spends time with her family. She looks forward to bringing you an engaging JCC experience and hopes delegates feel challenged while still having fun!

Colton Wagner

Bloc 1 Director

Colton Wagner is a senior attending Interlake High School in Bellevue, WA. PACMUN 2015 was his introduction to Model UN and ever since then he has rapidly fell in love with the wonderful world of debate and diplomacy. Outside of being JCC Bloc 1 Director, Colton also happens to be an ASB Co-President, yearbook editor, swim captain, golfer, and most importantly, a frequent customer of the Starbucks Corporation. He is incredibly excited to be staffing for the first time and wishes to provide all of his delegates with the absolute best MUN experience they’ve ever had!

Fraser Welsford

Bloc 1 Chair

Fraser Welsford is a junior attending Woodinville High School with a love of computer science, politics, and commerce. He has been involved with Model United Nations for over three school years and has participated in over five conferences. Outside of high school and Model UN, Fraser enjoys tinkering with computers and code, playing video games, going for forest walks, swimming, and writing. He hopes to make his first conference he is staffing a memorable and fun time for everyone involved!

Winnie Qin

Bloc 1 Assistant Director

Winnie Qin is a junior attending Annie Wright School in Tacoma, WA. As an international student from China, Winnie is nervous but hopes to contribute to and serve in PACMUN with an international perspective. She was one of the founders of the Annie Wright MUN club and PACMUN 2014 was her first MUN conference. Outside MUN, Winnie is passionate about politics, social justice and Japanese drama. She serves in ASB and Honour Council and of course struggles in IB world everyday. She hopes the experience of JCC for delegates will be intense but fun!

Parlin Shields

Bloc 2 Director

Parlin Shields is a junior at The Attic Learning Community in Woodinville WA. Parlin is confident that MUN has the power to create a strong group of passionate world leaders. Outside MUN, Parlin enjoys running cross country, swimming, writing songs and dancing. She loves to explore and learn about Seattle’s vibrant arts community, as a viewer and as an artist. Parlin is also very engaged in raising awareness about different ecological issues, such as honey bee decline. Parlin hopes to someday mesh together her artistic interests to make change in the world. Parlin is excited to to see delegates work together as a committee and problem solve their way through the crisis.

Eshan Kemp

Bloc 2 Chair

Eshan is a sophomore at Newport High School with a passion for international politics, science, and history. MUN has been an integral part of his life ever since his first MUN conference, PACMUN 2015. Outside of MUN, Eshan enjoys reading, coding, and shooting hoops. He is excited to be JCC Bloc 2 chair and looks forward toward creating an incredible experience for all his delegates.

Emily Martin

Bloc 2 Assistant Director

Emily Martin is a junior at Sky Valley Education Center and Everett’s Ocean Research College Academy pursuing an Associates Degree in Science. Participating in the MUN world for three years, she has enjoyed writing concise position papers, refining improvisational speaking skills and diplomatically debating with other delegates to create a solution or compromise addressing world issues. Outside of school and Model UN, she loves reading, dancing, volunteering for youth summer camps, and exploring the wilderness, learning survival skills or just climbing trees! She is very excited to participate as the Assistant Director of the JCC for the third year of PACMUN, striving to create an incredible experience for every delegate!