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The International Court of Justice is a completely unique body within the scope of Model United Nations. Rather than a council of delegates representing the interests of their member states, justices and advocates together arbitrate international law. The ICJ is perhaps the most dynamic committee in Model United Nations, relying entirely upon delegates’ grasp of international law. However, it is also one of the most rewarding, as its entirely driven by the delegates perceptions and interpretations rather than country policy. In the ICJ, delegates can and will reshape international law and change the course of history. In the 7 decades of its existence, the ICJ has prosecuted war criminals, redrawn international borders and had a tremendous impact upon the global community as a whole.

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Topic: Serbia and Montenegro v. Belgium

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Shawdi Mehrvarzan


Shawdi is a junior in the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School. PACMUN’s inaugural conference was also her first conference, so she is extremely excited and honored to start off her third year in MUN (and fifth conference!) as Director of the ICJ, a committee near and dear to her heart. Shawdi’s believes that anyone who is willing to understand the nuances of global issues can be successful in making our planet a more positive place, and she continues to spread her passion for MUN and its values as former VP and current advisor of her school’s MUN club. When she’s not perusing the politics section of Google News, you’ll find Shawdi at a piano, volunteering as VP of her local NHS chapter, happily mulling over a difficult calculus problem, or doodling on the nearest piece of paper.

Molly McCammon


Molly McCammon is the Chair of the International Court of Justice at PACMUN 2016. PACMUN 2016 will be her second time participating in the ICJ at PACMUN and her 5th conference overall. Molly started the Model UN club at the Northwest School in 2014 and has been the President of it since. Outside of Model UN, Molly enjoys reading foreign affairs, hosting speakers in her school’s global affairs speaker series, writing for her blog Teens for World Unity, and eating Turkish baklava. Currently, she is studying in Washington D.C. at a semester school called the School for Ethics and Global Leadership and plans to spend the summer studying abroad with the State Department in Rabat, Morocco. She is absolutely obsessed with everything related to the country of Turkey and hopes to live there one day.

Andrew Stahl

Assistant Director

Andrew is a senior at Bainbridge High School, and is excited to be serving as Assistant Director of the International Court of Justice. This will be his second year of Model United Nations and his first time as a staff member. In school, he enjoys his government and politics class as well as history. Outside of MUN he enjoys fishing, hiking, and skiing as well as anything outdoors. He is excited to help make PACMUN 2016 a fantastic conference, and looks forward to meeting new delegates!