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ICJ is a unique committee where delegates have the responsibility of interpreting and dictating the application of international law. This committee is dependent on the delegates themselves, not country policy, to weigh law and ethics and make their decision. This makes it challenging but also rewarding, as the delegates themselves are responsible for the outcome. The ICJ heard its first case in 1949, and in the 68 years since has made a huge impact on an international scale.

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Topic: The Corfu Channel Case

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Millen Kaytal


Millen Katyal is a senior at Lake Washington High School and in his 4th year of MUN. Millen is excited to spend his 9th conference as Director of the ICJ, his favorite committee out of all of his experience. To him, understanding an issue beyond just the scope of one country, along with the impact of a decision, is truly the epitome of MUN. Outside of serving as co-President of Lake Washington’s own MUN club, Millen can be found teaching swim lessons, walking his dog, racing on swim team, or throwing himself headlong into a long physics problem. He is eager to preside over the ICJ at PACMUN after participating in it last year, and looks forward to seeing delegates bring fresh ideas and discussion to the table.

Savannah Rankich


Savannah Rankich is a senior at Woodinville high school and in the Running Start program at Cascadia College. Savannah’s first very conference was in the ICJ at PACMUN 2015, and she loved the ICJ so much that she went back for 2016 and was in it again. She is so excited to be the chair of her favorite committee. This is Savannah’s 9th conference. In school, Savannah is excited to be working towards her Associates in Business degree. When she’s not working on assignments or prepping for conferences, Savannah enjoys boating, playing with her cat, and working. She is so excited for this amazing conference and meeting all of the very talented delegates!

Ariana Haji

Assistant Director

Ariana is currently an eleventh-grader studying her A-levels in the Cambridge International Program. Ever since her first conference, she has loved how MUN provides delegates with the opportunity to find innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. She is enthusiastic to be the Assistant Director for the ICJ and is ecstatic to have delegates come together with a shared passion of international affairs to harness their diplomacy skills in debate. Outside of MUN, you can find Ariana cheering on Arsenal, her favorite soccer team, volunteering as a team leader for the Ismaili Volunteer Corps, pouring over the pages of an enthralling novel, or playing tennis with friends.