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AD HOC is a hard-core crisis committee. Delegates come into the committee knowing nothing-- they learn their position walking into the first committee session.There is no background guide, and all information is provided through press releases. Each delegate will know different information than the others, and each individual will have to decide who to trust. This committee is extremely fast paced and intense; it is designed for the most advanced delegates. It tests participants’ diplomacy, creativity, and their capability to work on the fly. No research, no position papers. Just the delegates’ innate ability to come up with comprehensive solutions on the spot. Assignment to ADHOC is for experienced delegates only and requires an application.

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Meher Khan


Meher is currently a senior at Juanita High School, and she is also Vice President of the Model UN club there. She started her MUN career as a timid freshman who had some prior Model UN experience in other countries. She has attended countless conferences as a delegate, and this will be her first time staffing, so she is very excited to be your director for AD HOC 2017. She will also be the USG of committees for a brand-new conference called JMUN 2017. Outside of MUN, she loves learning new languages (especially Spanish and Arabic), and keeping Zayn Malik’s album on repeat. She enjoys talking, playing badminton, and learning about cultures from around the world through their music, food, and etiquette. Meher is very excited to lead this brand-new and fast-paced committee with her fellow dais members.

Keegan Line

Crisis Director

Keegan Line is currently a senior at Bellarmine Prep. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer and working in the athletic training room at his school. Keegan joined Model United Nations his freshman year because of upperclassmen friends and has loved every moment since. His favorite part of MUN is the friendships he has created along the way. Because of MUN, Keegan has been able learn about the world and all the problems that it has including ways to solve these problems. He has been to ten conferences as a delegate and staffed PACMUN 2016 as an assistant director in the General Assembly. After the amazing time he had staffing last year he decided to staff again this year with the even unique and challenging AD HOC. He hopes to meet you you very soon!

Mark Min


Mark Min is a senior at Tesla STEM High School. He would like to think that most of his free time goes to MUN, coding, and general productivity, but his Netflix recently watched and time spent playing video games say otherwise. He joined his school’s MUN club after his friend’s constant pestering at the beginning of his junior year. The first conference Mark attended changed him. He saw MUN as more than just a competition for awards but as an opportunity to learn research skills, a chance to improve on his atrocious public speaking, a chance to learn more about the world, a chance to meet people he wouldn’t otherwise. With this passion, Mark tried his best to improve as not only a delegate but as a person and is now extremely grateful to have an opportunity to share his love for MUN with others. Mark is excited to meet everyone as Assistant Director of AD HOC at PACMUN 2017.

Surbhi Gulati

Assistant Director

Surbhi Gulati is a sophomore at Interlake High School. When Surbhi joined Model UN a year ago she had never thought that MUN would become such an important part of her life, but has enjoyed how much it has changed her worldview. She has been a delegate at four conferences, served on staff at two conferences, and as the Secretary-General of BELMUN 2017. When she is not happily allocating her time to her next MUN conference you can find Surbhi working for her FIRST Robotics club, leading her Teen Volunteer Council group, volunteering in organizations such as Animal Welfare club, or procrastinating on her homework. PACMUN 2017 will be Surbhi's sixth conference, and as an Assistant Director at AD HOC, she is excited to share her love of peacekeeping, diplomacy, and negotiation with delegates at a very unique crisis committee. She can't wait to see all of you there!

Rebecca Chen

Assistant Director

Currently a senior at the Northwest School, Rebecca Chen is enjoying her second year of MUN experience and is excited to serve as your Assistant Director. She joined MUN in her junior year and rapidly fell in love with this incredible club, serving as the President of the MUN club at school this year. Her public speaking skills have improved tremendously since her first conference, PACMUN 2016, and her understanding of the world transformed after being involved in MUN and other debate opportunities. When Rebecca is not spending hours and hours on writing conference materials, she is either practicing the Chinese zither or performing on stage. Other than being a huge music nerd, Rebecca relishes languages and reads in French. She looks forward to seeing you at Ad Hoc!